Thursday, September 10, 2009

for april

monday was labor day as you all know.
this is one of those holidays that just arent a big deal to us. i know a lot of people plan big barbeques and get togethers, or take their last little family vacay of the year.
not us.
i cant remember ever making plans for this holiday. sometimes something will come together last minute. thats kind of what happened this year.
allen was out doing the yard. i went ahead and did school with colby (why not?) and we were kind of in and out. zach and april called to see what we were doing, and since we were just at home hanging out they came to hang out with us.
somehow in our conversation that afternoon, the drive thru safari in san antonio came up and april says, "we'ver never been! lets go do that today!"
it was almost 2pm at this point. s.a. is an hour and a half away and zach had to be back by 7pm for his first football (flag) game of the season. (side note: who schedules a leagues first game of the season on labor day? dont they know most people schedule barbeques and get togethers, etc, blah blah blah?)
anyway, so zach couldnt go, and allen didnt want to go if zach wast going to go. he wanted to finish the yard anyway.
so april and i loaded up the kids and headed to san antonio.
we had a good time. we've been several times and its always great. it was a little crowded with it being a holiday, so the animals werent very interested in what we had to offer, i think because they had been eating all day. plus it was pretty hot so most of them were staying up under the trees. of all the times we've been, this was the least exciting, but since april and adler hadnt ever been, it was fun to experience it with them. i think adlers favorite part was being out of his carseat and getting to walk around in the burban. :)

one of the highlights, or low lights as it were, was molly flashing the patrons at cracker barrell, where we stopped to eat on the way home.
i took her to the bathroom, but she had already peed (in her pullup). i took it off of her, threw it away and was going to run out to the car and get her panties. before i could do that i had to go back to the table to get my keys out of my purse. in the 10 seconds it took me to find them, molly pulls her dress up right there in the middle of the restaraunt (we were sitting right at the entrance on the other side of the hostess stand) for everyone to see she had nothing on underneath. this was apparently information she thought she needed to share with the general public. i'm sure they appreciated it.

shes still very into wearing dresses and princess stuff and red ruby slippers. she wanted to dress herself for church last night, and i pretty much let her wear what she wants to wear. you know, self expression and all that. so this is what she had on to go to church....

you cant see in the picture, but shes wearing her tap shoes. she had the ruby slippers on, but since she was being a ballerina she needed to wear dancing shoes instead.

when i picked her up from church, one of the workers pulled me aside and asked if i could please not let her wear a leotard and tap shoes anymore. 2 other kids had accidents waiting their turn for the potty because molly was taking so long to get her leotard and wings on and off, and she insisted on doing it by herself. she also managed to squish several fingers (unintentionally i hope) as she was parading around in her tap shoes. they do hurt. so i guess she will no longer be able to have complete freedom in her style. not at church anyway. ironic.


Liz said...

Oh this what I have to look forward to now that I'm having a girl! :) Molly is too funny! I can't believe she is already so independent at this age! Looks like you have your hands full! Have a great week!

sara said...

I love spur of the moment outings! The seem to always be the best!!

The outfit?! adorable!

KALDesign said...

Sounds like a perfect way to spend Labor Day.....well except for the FLASH. LOL But there will always be smiles with these memories.

Did anyone take pictures of the kiddos at the Safari park. I would love to do a scrapbook page for Adler seeing the animals with Colby and Mojo