Sunday, September 20, 2009

the new grace farrell

wooo hoooo!!!
i just found out that i got a part in ANNIE (as in little orphan).
its been a week long process, with auditions on monday and tuesday, then callbacks on wednesday, then waiting and waiting and waiting.....
grace farrell is the assistant to mr. warbucks, the lady that goes and gets annie out of the orphanage, etc.
heres one of the songs i get to sing. this is actually from the movie.

i get a couple of songs and dance some. lots of lines.
i'm beyond excited and cant wait to start rehearsals later this week.
i'll keep ya'll posted on the process. :)

thanks for all the 'well wishes' and for those of you that have been checking back for news.


Dawn said...

Again, congrats Amy!!!

I'm thinking since the show runs through the holidays that my mom and sister may be here during one of the performances so maybe we'll do a girls' night out with Manda - dinner somewhere in G'town followed by watching your show!

Hope you have a great week - I'll be praying for you as you begin to juggle the regular stuff with rehearsals.

sara said...

woo!! hoo!!! Congrats!!! That is so great!!!

so when is the show? How long will you be rehersing?

I will be praying for you and your family that your schedule will go smoothy!

Audrey and Company said...

Congrats! I am already looking forward to opening day.