Saturday, September 12, 2009

project 365, week 37

praise God we have rain!! sweet, sweet rain!
it blew in thursday night and hasnt stopped since. we got out and played in it yesterday. i think some areas have gotten over a foot, which is fantastic! we've needed it so badly. no joke.
labor day was monday of course, and allen took friday off this week instead of thursday. friday is actually his "normal" day off, but during football season he switches to thursday because he has parking lot duty with the youth group on friday nights and does chapel for the high school football team on friday afternoon, so it really is a workday for him. all that said, this was kind of a weird week. i'm still not sure what day it is. :)

SUNDAY, september 6th
no picture. my sincerest apologies.

MONDAY, september 7th
happy labor day! some of you may have read my blog entry from thursday about our monday outing. my friend april and i took a very last minute trip to san antonio to go through the wildlife ranch (a frans family favorite) with the kids. i saw this sign when we got out to use the restroom and visit the petting zoo. do i even need to say anything? really?

TUESDAY, september 8th
we're about to lose a section of fence; damage from that crazy tree-stealing storm we had a few weeks ago. allen had to temporarily fix it this evening so it doesnt come crashing down into our yard.

WEDNESDAY, september 9th
this was part of mollys ensemble she wore to church wednesday night. i think she might have been channeling an early 80's madonna.

THURSDAY, september 10th
i went to my friend traceys house to go over my song for my audition on tuesday. i'm singing 'as long as you're mine' from WICKED.
FRIDAY, september 11th
hooray for rain!! we got out and played in it for a good hour or so.

SATURDAY, september 12th
our first sunday school social of the school year. we were supposed to go swimming at this really neat 'swimming hole' in austin, but because of the rain we went to seletas house (shes my co-teacher) and played games, baked cupcakes and cookies, and decorated them. we had a really really good time.

so i'm auditioning for ANNIE (as in little orphan) on tuesday. cross your fingers for me!! i feel good about this one.
i'll let you know how it goes later in the week.
have a good one!!


Dawn said...

Larry said Molly came into the worship rehearsal on Wednesday - all decked out. He was laughing as he tried to explain her "outfit" but I'd already seen your post so I knew exactly what he meant! He said Colby had on his boots and that cracked Larry up even more than Molly's outfit! LOL

I'll be anxious to hear how your audition goes on Tuesday. I'll be praying for you!!!

sara said...

the stay off the grass sign cracked me up!!! some one needed to change that to stay off the dirt!!!

I will be praying about your audition on Tuesday!!!

Esthermay said...

What grass?

Molly’s ensemble is gorgeous!!

I feel like a six-year-old looking at the rain in the driveway. That’s precious! :)

GREAT shot of the cupcake...
...and Best wishes for your audition!

Dena said...

The sign is priceless!

Good luck with your auditions. Annie will always be one of my favorite musicals, because my girls were two of the main orphans in the community production of it, back when they were 7 yrs old.

LuAnn said...

Great pictures this week. Loved the sign - and the rain. The kids and I use to do this all the time when they were little.
Blessings on you audition

Kim said...

That's about how our lawn looks after the long dry winter we've had. Poor grass!

Molly's bling photo is so cute! My daughter was the same way. And she hasn't changed :-) She still has loads of jewelry but she IS a bit more discriminating about how much she wears at any one time. LOL

Glad for your rain. Now send some our way! Along with some of those goodies y'all baked the other day :-)

Lisa said...

That sign has to be a joke! Love Molly's sense of fashion.

Can't wait to hear what your next acting project will be...I know you are getting anxious to do one.