Saturday, September 5, 2009

project 265, week 36

dear september,
thank you for bringing cooler temperatures to central texas.
of course, i suppose cooler is a relative term, seeing as how its still hot here. but 90 is definitely cooler than 100. so thanks for that.
i could kiss you on the mouth.
yours truly, amy frans
we are 2 weeks away from it officially being fall!
hobby lobby has their holiday decor out, starbucks brought back the pumpkin spice latte, and thanks to a little bit of cloud cover we managed to stay out of the triple digit heat this week. so yay!
i hope everyone is getting back into the school groove. we enjoyed the first UT football game of the season this evening. the last time i went to a UT football game i was 2 days past due with colby. the experience was far better this time for multiple reasons, the obvious being that i'm not 40 weeks pregnant.
on a side note, molly is a bully.
she and colby have been at each other constantly (or what seems constant to me) this past week or so. today she yelled at him and he started crying and saying that she scared him becuase he was afraid she was going to hit him (she sometimes takes it upon herself to swat him when she deems it necessary, which despite her best judgement, it usually isnt). i just dont know what to do. nothing i'm doing is working (swatting, time out, talking to her civil...y. is that a word? taking something from her, losing a priviledge). it doesnt matter to her. shed rather be a meanie. she even pushed one of her little friends down this week, "just to be mean."
so, moms who have had this issue before, what should i do??? lay it on me. i welcome any and all advice. whether its between the siblings advice, or just general 'my kid is a bully' advice.
thanks in advance. :)

now for some pictures....

SUNDAY, august 30th
i gave molly a haircut today. not half bad if i do say so myself. i've seen when i tried to cut colbys hair a few months ago. yikes! poor kid.

MONDAY, august 31st
colby read thru his very first book today!! we're 30 lessons in to 'teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons', so i thought i'd pull out the bob books to see if he was ready for those. he's now read the first 3.

TUESDAY, september 1st
leah and i took the kids to the japanese tea gardens and te witte museum in san antonio. beautiful! and we had pretty decent weather-low to mid 90's.
WEDNESDAY, september 2nd
we're studying different countries, so i put a world map up on the wall in our schoolroom. colby was fascinated, and we spent a good half hour or so just looking at all the different flags and finding the countries that go to.

THURSDAY, september 3rd
we played around with the idea of getting a playscape for the backyard, so we spent the better part of the afternoon shopping, pricing, and talking through our ideal set. the ones we'd want to get for the kids are waaaay out of our price range. its been put on the back burner, or maybe just taken off the stove all together. but it was fun to dream.

FRIDAY, september 4th
took colby for a haircut. they spiked it in the front with some green gel. not sure how i felt about that, but he loved it.

SATURDAY, september 5th
tailgating, a ridiculous amount of food, friends, UT football game. a great day!! allen and i even bought new UT shirts for the occasion. :)

have a fantastic week!!!
if you're in the north, please send us some rain and cold!!


sara said...

great job on her hair!

My kids all loved the Bob books! I am glad they are still around.

Have you tried Ebay or Craig's list for your playset? you never know!

To me football is always much better in the stands!!!

great week!

Casey said...

I have the Bob books at my house! I used to use them to work on reading with kids I babysat.

I LOVE the green spiky hair. Totally cool.

And I'm so jealous you got to go to the UT game! I went to college there and I've never been able to go to a game! Glad you had a great time!

Lisa said...

Yay for football! Nice job on her hair.