Saturday, September 19, 2009

project 365, week 38

very very fun week!!
i had auditions for ANNIE tuesday night. those went really well and i got a call back wednesday night. those also went really well, and now i'm waiting for the cast list to be posted. i was hoping to have news at this point, but no such luck. my morale has dwindled as the days have progressed. it could go either was really. i was not the best, but i was definitely in the running i feel like, so we'll see.

we went to houston thursday and friday. you can read about the worlds worst car ride home in the previous post. it was a doosie, thats for sure.

my parents 30th wedding anniversary is in a couple weeks and they're having a party in honor of and want a few pictures to display. a photo session my mom had set up with a friend of theirs fell through due to inclimate weather, then said friend left on a week long cruise, so mom asked if i would do it for them (i used to play around with photography and did a few sessions for friends of mine back in the day). i hadnt taken pictures in that capacity in such a long time. it was a lot of fun. allen gets back late tonight from vegas. he didnt win any money, but he didnt lose much either, so i guess we're good as far as that goes.
here are my pictures for the week.

SUNDAY, september 13th
the kickoff of our new sunday night C3 service at church. the format is a little different and the music is a lot different. i on the rotating list of worship teamers and i had the priveledge of getting to do the first one. it was awesome!

MONDAY, september 14th
molly had an upset stomach monday morning, so we stayed home all day in case she was coming down with something. she was talking to my mom on the phone in the picture. she was obviously very distressed about something.

TUESDAY, september 15th
fooling around with the black and white setting on my camera. i forget i have it!

WEDNESDAY, september 16th
mac n' cheese for lunch. thats all molly has wanted lately. the good thing is i can mix veggies in with it and she doesnt mind. she makes the best eating faces.

THURSDAY, september 17th
a trip to mimis usually means toys. this time was no different.

FRIDAY, september 18th
on the way home from houston we stopped at a rest stop for molly to pee and there was a really pretty creek area behind it. we did a little exploring before getting back on the road.

SATURDAY, september 19th
two of the many shots i got of my parents this evening.

have a great week!!! hopefully i'll have some news regarding the show pretty soon!!


Dena said...

The "eating face" is priceless. Reminds me of my son when he was little.

The pictures of your parents are wonderful. You can see their love shining through.

sara said...

Molly on the phone in her full princess attire is hilarious!!

You did a great job on the photos of your, you have a very wide range of talents!!

Can't wait to hear if you made the cast!!

Kim said...

What is it with mac 'n cheese and kids?! Mine could have eaten it every day for every meal. LOL Molly is a natural in front of the camera.

How fun to take photos for your folks! The two you shared are great. We celebrated our 30th in May. Blows my mind -- where did those 30 years go?

I wouldn't be discouraged that you haven't heard back yet. They often take their time on selecting the cast. Look forward to hearing about it!

Have a wonderful week.

Dawn said...

Mac 'n cheese is big in this house, too. As a matter of fact, we consider Manda a mac 'n cheese expert. She can tell where to eat it and where not to eat it - with specific details of "why."

Can hardly wait to hear what part you get!

Lisa said...

Molly looks like she's all ready to go...somewhere. :) I miss being on the worship team, I stopped for several reasons.

You did a great job with the photo shoot! You could make a little photo book as a present. I use Shutterfly and love it.

Audrey and Company said...

I love the last picture of your parents! It is precious! Maybe I should just hire you to do our family photos....:)