Saturday, August 3, 2013

threesixfive, week 31

well this is it; the week allen posts the pictures he took each day.
so glad to have him as a featured guest this week. this is at all professional.

ok, here goes....

theres nothing better than cuddling as a family. especially when theres 8 of us in the bed. here are each of our stuffed animals that we sleep with; daddy, mommy, colby, molly.

we went to get our passports in burnet. this is what i found as i went to the bathroom. nothing like taking care of eternal business while taking care of earthly business.

these are the 4 interns that have served our family ministry all summer. this is what they looked like when they were 16. they are older but still kids at heart, and i love them.

our wednesday night youth service is called powerhouse. there is nothing better than hearing students worship.

day off. i love to golf, and i love to golf for free even more. my friend jason took me to forest creek. if things dont work out in ministry, i have no chance at the PGA.

amy had the kids get 5 things that represent them to set up their biography unit for school. the kids wanted amy and i to participate, so we both got 6 ('cause we're older).

colby chose (from left) a lego toy because that his favorite thing to play with, a jar of peanut butter because he has a PB&J sandwich almost every day, bugs because he wants to be a bug scientist, one of mollys toys because he loves to play with his sister, and a book because he loves to read

molly chose a book because she loves to read, one of colbys toys because she loves to play with her brother, a fuzzy rabbit and a doll because those are her favorite things to play with, and a strawberry; her favorite food

amy chose a cross because she loves the Lord, a picture of her family because theres no greater blessing than being a wife and mom, a book because she loves to read, her ipod to represent music and worship, a wooden spoon because shes an incredible cook, and a mug because for one thing its her favorite color and for another she loves a good cup of joe.

i chose my orange shoes because i believe in the orange strategy of our church's family ministry, a golf ball (see thursday), my bible because i love to read and teach God's word, my round rock express jersey  because i enjoy baseball and being their chaplain, my Duke hat because i am the biggest Duke basketball fan in Texas, and my wedding ring which allowed me my favorite roles; husband and daddy.

tomorrow i get to preach in big church. these are the necessary elements for sermon prep. the title of the sermon is "the whole truth," based on mark 5:24-34. yes, the game headbanz is part of the sermon.

i'd like to thank my hot wife for allowing me into her blog world. i have enjoyed my time, and maybe i'll get to do this again.
have a great week, and never forget you are a child of the King, and that makes you a prince or a princess. live like it.

amy says i'm supposed to tell you to link up if you have pictures.


The Bug said...

What a great idea! I mostly post Mike's pictures already so I'm not sure it would work in our house - the post wouldn't look very different.

My favorites are the things you guys picked to describe yourselves & the quote on the white board - so true!

Speaking of my post - I guess I'd better go put it together!

rita said...

Loved your post, Allen!
Great items for each biographic collection.
Blessings as you share God's Word!

Kim said...

Love it! I need to let Ivan guest blog one of these days :) Good job Allen!

I especially love the preparations for the biography unit. Fun project!

Andrea Farrell said...

Hi Amy,

I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Read here for more details: