Sunday, August 25, 2013

ms kristens wedding!!

more than 20 pictures are in this post, so unless you love weddings and my kids you should probably leave now. :-) you've been warned.
i mentioned this in my P365 post yesterday, but one of the girls who came thru our youth group, and is  dear to our family, got married yesterday, and colby and molly were in the wedding.
kristen and her brother shayne, who is two years older and got married in january, have been part of our life for about ten years, but became significant when molly was born almost 7 years ago.
since mollys been born, shayne and kristen come over each year during christmas break, and pray over our kids; for their relationship with the Lord and each other, and for God's blessing on their life in the coming year. its a tradition we very much look forward to, and we were so honored when kristen asked colby and molly to be a ring bearer and flower girl in her wedding.

all that said, here are the pictures i took from the weekend....


the other "ring-bearer" was barely one, so colby pulled him down the aisle in a wagon, and then he was taken out into the hallway for the duration.

molly and the grooms little sister were the flower girls. kirsten is just a couple months older than molly, so they were fast friends.

the happy couple, jeremy and kristen. jeremy is a youth pastor, and his dad, whos a pastor, did the ceremony.

molly took everything very seriously and made sure she kept her eyes on the bride, belly button forward, etc. she followed all the rules.

and then theres colby.....

colby got to walk out with a girl on each arm.

at dinner we were able to sit with shayne and his precious wife kaysie. colby loves shayne-bo.

kristen made sure she came over and hugged the kiddos.


waiting for their cue.

exchanging vows.

once again.....

man and wife!!!!

as they were taking pictures, shayne grabbed the kids and said, "hey will you get one of the four of us?" i was so glad he thought to do that!!!

my sweet kiddos all decked out. 


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The Bug said...

The kids are ADORABLE in these pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

P.S. I like Colby's punk look - it becomes him :)