Friday, August 9, 2013

the energy of essential oils

i just finished this book, and i highly recommend it if you're at all interested in what essential oils can do. Dr. david stewart does such a good job of explaining essential oils from both a scientific and spiritual standpoint.

he shares the six ways that essential oils support us:
1) as fighters against unfriendly microbes.
2) as balancers of bodily functions.
3) as raisers of our bodily frequencies. (more on this below)
4) as antioxidants that purify our systems.
5) as clearers of negative emotional baggage.
6) as uplifters of our spiritual awareness.

essential oils are literally alive. they have an energy. now before you dismiss me as a weirdo, or a hippie (i've been called both since touting EO's), let me explain.
essential oils carry an electrical charge, measured in megahertz, or MHz. you've probably heard of MHz in relation to radio frequency or something of that nature.
anything living generates an energy.
a healthy person has a frequency of about 68MHz.
fresh herbs measure 20-27MHz
dried herbs measure 12-22MHz
fresh produce measures 5-10MHz
processed or canned food measures 0MHz. as dr. stewart puts it, "they contain chemical nutrition, but not the vital electronic nutrition of live fresh foods." ugh. conviction.
so, when we start to get symptoms of the cold, flu, strep, etc, or if we have a chronic illness that we live with, our energy is lower.
cold symptoms can set in at 58MHz, flu symptoms at 57MHz. cancer can begin when the body falls below 42MHz.
so what does all this have to do with EO's?
EO's measure at the highest MHz of all known substances, between 52-320MHz. the frequency of the oil determines which bodily systems it will resonate with. joints and bones have lower frequencies, so a  lower frequency oil, such as basil, is excellent for aches and pains, carpal tunnel, muscle spasms, etc.
rose oil is the highest at 320MHz, and is most commonly used for anything relating to the skin as well as emotional balance.
to quote dr. stewart again, "one of the most important healing modalities of the oils is their ability to lift our bodily frequencies to levels where disease cannot exist."

i continue to be fascinated by what i'm learning as i read and research. God is amazing in what he has provided for us.
i was asked just last night at an oil class i taught, "so whats in this for you? i mean, you must get something out of it. or are you just doing it out of the goodness of your heart?"
yes, i am a distributor for young living essential oils. yes, when people order from me i make money. however, thats not why im doing what i'm doing. my "commission" is minimal. my motivation is to share what i'm learning. i wish i had known all this years ago, so i'm extending that courtesy to as many people as i can. if they buy oil from me, thats awesome. if they dont, thats ok, too. i'm just doing what i can to let people know whats out there.
i will say this, though; i hope they dont go buy oil somewhere else without doing their research and knowing without a shadow of a doubt exactly whats in that bottle. i believe in young living, because i know their product is superior to anything else out there, at least accessible to us here in the united states. if you choose to buy your oils from another resource, dont be surprised if you dont get the results youre hoping for, or heaven forbid, experience adverse effects. most of whats out there is junk. so please, do your research before you use any essential oil for medicinal purposes.
i dont say that to get in to some big oil debate with someone. thats what i believe based on my research. i would encourage everyone else to do the same and use their best judgement.

i welcome questions and comments, and hope you all have a blessed weekend!!

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RaD said...

Okay, so let's say you have mildly peaked my curiosity with the couple posts I have read about essential oils. But I just noticed that unless I post this to my favorites or pinterest right this second (which at the moment I don't have the time for cuz' I'll get sucked in!) I'm going to have a hard time finding these later on. You need to tag them and/or have them available on your sidebar so anyone who's searching can locate them easily enough. I especially liked the lavender post, although this one has really got me to thinking.

Just a thought...