Saturday, August 31, 2013

threesixfive, week 35

i did really badly with my picture taking this week. i dont have one for sunday or saturday. i dont even remember what i did last sunday that i couldve taken a picture of.
heres the rest of the week though.....

our passports came!!!! we're going on vacation to cancun next month and had to get passports for the kids, as well as renew allens. i was a little concerned that we had cut it too close, but they came in about 5 weeks!

i got my essential oil order in the mail. this month i ordered a bottle of grapefruit. i've been putting a few drops in my water and drinking it. super yummy.

im singing in church tomorrow, so i had practice wednesday night. the kids wear themselves out playing while i'm rehearsing, so they always sleep well on those nights.

one of our interns this summer got a teaching job and a house and decided to stay awhile. her birthday was thursday, so allen and the kids and i went to her school, found her car, and decorated it quite nicely for her.

co-op starts next friday, so for one last "hurrah" before its officially the school year, we went to the zoo with some friends. it was hot, but fun.

...and no picture for saturday.

hope you have fun labor day plans! my parents and memaw are driving down from dallas tomorrow and staying until monday night. i'm so excited to see them!
link up below if you have pictures to share. hopefully you did better than me this week. :-/


Kim said...

The summer sure did fly by fast, didn't it?!
I love the zoo! Wish we had time to fit a visit in to one this furlough. Half the fun, though, is watching the kids' reactions to the animal antics :)
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

The Bug said...

Sometime you need to record yourself singing & share it with us!

rita said...

Bug said exactly what I was going to say! That'll teach me to respond sooner...or will it?