Saturday, August 24, 2013

threesixfive, week 34

first official week of school; check.
we had a great week, and accomplished everything i intended us to. i even got a couple of early morning workouts in, and we were all dressed and in the schoolroom by 9:00am. i was feeling pretty good about myself until friday morning, when i hit a proverbial wall. fortunately we wont normally do school on fridays once co-op starts in september, so i didnt feel bad about only doing math and grammar, then calling it a day.

heres our week...

im back teaching in the youth ministry this year; 9th and 10th grade girls. we had a 'social' after church sunday. we grabbed a quick lunch, then came back to the youth building to play games for a couple hours.

in honor of the first day of school, heres allen on his first day of kindergarten. lookin' good.

this week for history, we learned about the monks establishing christianity in britain, st augustine, the first pope, etc. so tuesday night, we made a "monk's supper." it was a suggested activity in my teachers book, so i used the recipe in there and did what it said. lentil soup, crusty bread, sliced cheese, and apples. it was actually really really good. we all had seconds.

practicing for the wedding again. she looked beautiful, and this is ultimately what we ended up going with for the big day.

thursday (2 pics!)
i've been wanting a new light over the kitchen table for a while, so on a whim thursday, we went to ikea and bought one, and allen installed it. way to go, babe!!!

we had a couple of our young singles girls over for dinner thursday night, and they're both new to austin, so we took them down to gordoughs for dessert. always a good choice.

heres me and my girl at the rehearsal dinner. friday and saturdays wedding festivities will get their own post because i took way too many pictures to just pick one or two. :-)

theres a sweet sweet couple in our church, barry and darlene, that pray for us daily, and check up on us regularly to just see how we're doing and if theres anything they can do for us, etc.
darlene called me this week and asked if they could bring us a crepe myrtle for our yard and plant it in honor of my pawpaw, since it will be in bloom every august; the month that he died. i told her that was perfect, and that crepe myrtles were one of his favorite trees. every house they ever lived in he would plant crepe myrtles, and i remember picking the little green blooms off as a little girl and squeezing the flower out. 
anyway, so they came this morning and had not only a tree, but a shrub too!! they helped us pick the perfect spot, and dig the holes, told us how often to water, how to prune them back. we talked about pawpaw and prayed. it was a sweet time and such a precious gesture on their part. 

the shrub and tree they brought over

colby and molly helping barry fill the hole in

i love the tree in this spot; right in front of the window  

as i said, the wedding and rehearsal will get its own post, probably tomorrow sometime. for those of you that have been around here for awhile, and are familiar with the brother and sister couple (shayne and kristen) that come and pray for colby and molly each year around christmas, it was kristens wedding. she was of course beautiful and colby and molly did great as the ring bearer and flower girl.
i took so. many. pictures. come back and see!!

link up below if you have pictures to share.
have a great week!!!!


The Bug said...

What a nice thing for that couple to do! I miss seeing Crape Myrtles up here in Ohio - although we see them occasionally it's NOTHING like my hometown in NC.

That dinner looks YUMMY!

rita said...

You and Molly are so cute!
The crepe myrtle story is so special!
I'd love that supper.