Saturday, August 10, 2013

threesixfive, week 32

for some reason its a molly-heavy week. she managed to make just about every picture, and colby only made a couple. not intentional, but thats how it worked out.
on a side note, for those of you that have asked about my pawpaw, he was put in hospice yesterday, so his time here is coming to a close. i was up there with the kids the first part of this week so that dad could take the kids to a water park up there, so i was able to go up to the nursing home and see him a few times. he hasnt been eating well since he came out of the anesthesia following his hip surgery. he was taken up to the hospital mid-week to have a feeding tube put in, but they werent able to because once they got him there, they found out he has pneumonia. so hes not taking in any kind of nutrition at all, and his body isnt strong enough to fight off the infection. thursday night his kidneys started shutting down, so he was moved to hospice care yesterday afternoon. your prayers are appreciated. we hate to see him go thru this, although i guess thankfully, because of the dementia, he doesnt really know or understand any of it anyway, and he isnt in any pain. he'll be with Jesus soon.
***UPDATE*** pawpaw passed away this morning (sunday aug. 11th) at about 10:20am.

heres my week...

300 churches in and around austin will be doing neighborhood discussion groups and church sermons based on common questions believers and non-believers alike ask. things like, "why does God allow pain? is the Bible reliable?" will be discussed all over the city for seven weeks starting in september. there are already commercials, newspaper ads, and billboards, and training groups have been meeting for the last few weeks. praying for God to really move in the hearts of His people and our city.

we were up at my parents house. colby and molly took some wildflower seed balls they had made, and helped papaw plant them in the front yard.

i should probably be annoyed/concerned that there are so many stinkin rabbits around my house, but i never get tired of seeing these little guys.

colby and molly will be in a wedding on the 24th, and i need to figure out how i'm going to do mollys hair. wednesday i curled it and pulled a little back to see what we though. i thought it looked very pretty, but she didnt like it. :-/

we're studying the ancient celts, so as part of our history the kids each made a signum. when the celtic clans would march into battle, one of the warriors would carry a signup, which was essentially their tribes flag, only instead of a flag theyd put medallions and things like that on it.
they really had fun with it.

we had the menning triplets over friday night for a sleepover. hannah and molly pretty much stayed locked away in her room playing. the boys were all. over. the house.

some friends invited us over for a back to school party complete with water balloons. i thought this was a cute picture of molly (far right) and her friends avery and layna. they were watching the boys fill the water balloons up right outside that window.

i was going to start school full force next week, but with things being so touch and go with pawpaw, i'll probably wait another week or two. ah, the beauty of homeschooling.
have a great week!!
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The Bug said...

So sorry for your loss! I'll be praying for your family...

I agree - Molly's hair is cute like that!

rita said...

I can so relate to your experience with the passing of paw paw. May the joy of his release from his earthly body bring you comfort.

Such cute pics of Molly's hairdo and the three girls. The rabbit pic is great too.