Saturday, August 17, 2013

threesixfive, week 33

hi everyone. it was a whirlwind of a week. i got a call sunday morning during church that my pawpaw had gone to be with Jesus. at first i was planning on waiting until i got word when the funeral would be, and i'd go up the day before, but when something of this nature happens, i want to be with my family. allen worked out details to get the kids taken care of with his mom and aunt in waco, so i was able to leave sunday evening and head to dallas.
i was able to have a good few days with mom and dad and memaw, and allen came tuesday afternoon so he could be there for the viewing that night, and have some time to visit with all of us and prepare to do the service the next day, at memaws request. he did a wonderful job.

i didnt get a picture sunday with eveything that was going on.

of course we spent a lot of time looking thru photo albums and scrapbooks to find pictures of pawpaw to use on the memory table at the service. i love this one of him in his navy uniform. he was in the naval air force in WWII.

mom and i went up this morning and set up the table with pictures, albums, certificates, and drawings from pawpaws life. he was an architect for 40+ years in dallas, and most of the buildings you see in the dallas skyline were designed by him.
we all really like this one of him at the office way back when. hes in the white shirt with glasses.

the service was wednesday morning at mom and dads church. allen did the service. great job, babe!

the color guard folded the flag that was on his coffin, and presented it to memaw; a very cool moment.

after a long few days, we spent most of thursday in our "comfies." colby rediscovered these bug block things as i was cleaning out his closet. they're real bugs. well, real dead. they're cool....but kind of creepy.

knowing that we're jumping head first into school next week, i took them to the pool friday afternoon. my mom sent this swimsuit home with me for molly. she bought it to keep at her house but molly never wore it. so here it is, middle of august, and shes wearing it for the first time.

allen and i were invited by the minor league team here that he chaplains for, to a dinner fundraiser for our local serving center. it was a safari them. do we fit the part??

thanks for your thoughts and prayers over the last couple of weeks as i've shared news of my pawpaw.
he was an amazing man and will be greatly missed, but i have peace in knowing that he is with our Heavenly Father and i will see him again someday.

i hope you have a blessed week!!!
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sara said...

Praying for you this morning as I read this and for your grandmother. Never an easy time but what a blessing to know you will see him again!!

Love the safari attire!

rita said...

Oh, the comfort assurance of heaven brings. And, oh, the hard truth that so many do not have that hope. A friend in the Basque Country was blogging about that: What do I tell my friend whose grandpa died when she asks where he is after death?

Great pic of you two!

The Bug said...

You guys do look great! I love the picture of Molly with the flag. What a great legacy your grandfather left behind!