Thursday, January 29, 2009

just emptying my head

i've had several random thoughts floating around in my head over the last couple of days, but none were worthy of an entire post. disciple now is looming in the near future, like tomorrow, so i must empty my brain of the randomness so i can have a clean slate for the weekend.
  • i met my mother-in-law in giddings today to give her the kids for the weekend. she's in houston and giddings is about halfway. its a little farther on her end, but its really the best place to meet. before i headed home i stopped at subway for lunch, and they had spinach!! the subways in round rock haven't had spinach since the e-coli scare of '07. and thats a really weird sentence...anyway, so i got a veggie delight on wheat with spinach! it's no which wich but there's nothing better than knowing i've had my recommended daily percentage of folate.
  • on the way into giddings there's a restaraunt with no name, but a sign out front that reads 'fresh donuts & seafood'. really? how are those two things even realted? so the donuts are fresh but the seafood isnt? do the donuts smell like fish? i just dont get it. i wont be eating there. ever.
  • why is mcdonalds making fancy coffee drinks and then advertising them as though someone might actually pick that over, say, starbucks? i try to picture someone saying, 'hey i could really go for a latte. let's go to mcdonalds!' then i was in the drive-thru the other day and i really wanted a coffee, so i ordered one. ironically, starbucks was across the parking lot, but it wasnt a drive-thru starbucks and i didnt want to leave my kids in the car to go in and order something, plus that would have been another stop to make. i keep asking myself, how could i have ordered coffee from mcdonalds while looking at a starbucks less than 100 yards away? forgive me starbucks. my tastebuds have sinned against you. please believe me when i say, i was drinking McCafe, but i was thinking of you.
  • i am loving american idol, even though i tried to convince myself i wouldn't watch it this season. yeah, right. it just makes me so happy.
  • molly is officially a princess. she's been wearing her princess skirt and carrying a wand for the last 48 hours. the attitude to go with the persona is coming along nicely. case in point; yesterday colby was trying to play a game with her, but she just wasnt getting it and he was getting frusterated. i heard her tell him, "i'm just a baby colby." about an hour later she was wanting to do something (i cant remember what) and i told her she was too little. her response? "no i'm not. i'm BIG!" i wonder if we're about to have another identity crisis. she's also been putting her dolls in timeout a lot. but first she yells at them and throws them down. i would need a timeout after that, too.

i told you it was random, but now my head is empty. i thank you.


Dawn said...

We've passed that same "fresh donuts and seafood" restaurant coming and going to Galveston and have pondered your same thoughts. Will we give it a try? Ummm... no.

So, what did you think of McD's specialty coffees? I tried one once (thinking I'd be somewhat honoring my commitment to "help" with our budget). It wasn't much cheaper than a Starbucks and I was not impressed. Tasted salty (???) to me. I don't know about you, but I don't salt my coffee.

I found a red mug for you today. Can't wait to give it to you!

See you Friday evening at D Now, I'm sure!

LuAnn said...

I love random !! That is my life.
I think McD's latte's taste a little gritty too.

christi28 said...

oh amy you bless my heart!

love you!

Steph said...

I came over from Dawn's---glad to meetcha!

Random thoughts are fun--I do them every so often on mine.

I love fresh donuts with my seafood! You don't?

Our McD's in VA don't have "specialty" coffee. We do have the iced coffee, and I actually like the plain (no flavor) one.

I have a princess, too. I remember those "I am so big" stages. Now she is 12 going on 30.

Look forward to getting to know you better (by reading, of course!)