Friday, March 6, 2009

caution: no tadpoles!

we were out working in the yard this morning as a family; so much fun and a beautiful day for it!! around 11:30 i went in and made pb & j sandwiches. the kids werent ready to come inside so i suggested we eat outside. the idea was met with an enthusiastic "YEAH!" from molly and colby so i proceeded to load up the plates with picnic-y foods and promptly delivered them to the waiting mouths in the driveway. allen opted to sit on an upside down bucket and colby noticed a warning on the side (right at his eye level). we flipped the bucket over and he looked at it intently for several seconds, then announced, "you cant put water and tadpoles in that bucket and then put your hands in it."
i pushed for an explanation but he couldnt come up with one on his own. with some help from daddy he finally decided it was because our hands have germs and tadpoles are allergic to germs.
logical enough.

so if you ever see this warning on the side of a bucket, please, whatever you do, do not, put tadpoles in the bucket. if its unavoidable, then for crying out loud, don't touch them!


sara said...

so fun to have picnics outside!! Isn't spring great?!

your story brought up a memory I haven't thought about for brother and I were mad at each other and slinging insults and just as my mom walked in, I blurted out "I hope you have to eat a tadpole gut sandwich!" I promptly got my mouth washed out with soap.....really!

Dawn said...

You'll be so, so glad you're documenting these fun conversations 'cause you will forget some as time passes. Your stories usually jog my memory of funny stories from my kids.

Tadpoles, though... got nothing!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'm so glad you wrote that down to re-enjoy someday. Precious.