Wednesday, March 25, 2009

mid-week catch up

once again, i have no big event or 'happening' to inform you of, but many little things.
so today you get bullet points, which saves me from having to come up with witty, creative transitions, because people, i'm not in a witty creative mindset. i'm blah. i'm blaming it on the zyrtec, which brings me to point numero uno!

1)i started taking zyrtec on monday. it has very effectively kicked my allergies to the curb. it has also made me a walking zombie. i haven't been this tired since i was pregnant (no, i'm not), so i must decide between the lesser of two evils. would i rather be horribly sleepy and itch-free, or completely alert and rested while wanting to saw my nose off of my face? i'm going to give it 2 more days and then i'll probably stop taking it. i'm not a nice person when i'm tired.

2)colby came back from mimis on sunday and i've been doing damage control since then. i love that he enjoys going to mimis house and i love that she so willingly takes him and does super fun things with him, but when he comes home i feel like my son has transformed into, well, not my son. he tells me when he's at mimis he gets to do whatever he wants (and she admits to this, which i haven't thought much about until he came home this time), but when he comes home i have to reprogram him to use his manners and not speak to me like his slave. it ends up being a 3 or 4 day battle of time outs and tears and it frusterates me to no end. it really makes me feel bad for him, because i feel like i'm on his case constantly and its something that could be avoided, but where is the balance between the stereotypical spoil fest at mimis while still respecting the expectations we have of him (saying yes ma'am and no ma'am and please, etc). you wouldn't think 3 days at mimis would have such a big effect, but this time it did. any thoughts??

3)i can't even think straight right now. it's the zyrtec. stupid allergies.

4)colby peed on the floor yesterday. he hollers at me when he's gone #2 to come wipe him. he's capable of wiping himself, but he doesnt do such a good job yet, so he prefers me to do it. tmi? sorry. anyway, i hear him yelling,
colby: mommy!! i poo pooed and i'm in your bathroom!!
so i went in to do my duty and stepped in wetness.
me: colby, why is the floor wet? (noticing a trail of wet from the toilet across the floor to the bathtub) whats all over the floor?
colby: i peed.
me: on the floor??
colby: i didnt tuck my penis in
me: why not? why didnt you tuck your penis in if you knew you had to pee?
colby: i just didnt make it fast enough and my pee is so strong! it just squirted right out all over the floor!
me: why is there a kitchen towel in here?
molly: (has been standing behind me the whole time) i cleaned!
colby: molly tried to clean it up.
very nice of her, but she really just smeared pee everywhere and got it on the bottoms of her feet which tracked it all over the bathroom. i'll give her an A for effort, though. why the kitchen towel, i do not know.

5) colby told me this morning that he loves me because my face is puffy. granted it probably was puffy at 730am after just waking up (and the allergies!), but he meant soft. he's never used the word 'puffy' before. he usually says 'squishy' or 'mushy'. at any rate, i need to work with him on his complimenting skills.

6) american idol is back on tonight and i am rejoicing. it got pushed back for obama last night. i know the presidents important, but more important than idol??? i bet more people watch idol than watched the president last night. vote on that, america!

sorry. it's the zyrtec talking.


Coach Mom said...

I don't even watch idol. But I'd rather watch Molly Jo clean up Colby's pee than watch the President! I'll read the transcripts the next morning, thank you.

Dookie said...

i laughed out loud

Dawn said...

Try taking the allergy meds at night. Kat and I take Claretin but it HAS to be at night so that we can sleep off the worst of it. Otherwise, we're zombies, too.

Been there, done that with the untucked problem.

Have Allen look at my blog and then link to Larry's. Great fishing pictures - I'm sorry he missed a great trip this past weekend. Larry's still available for the April date that he emailed about. Hope Allen can make it that weekend!

See you tomorrow!

Julie said...

I love hearing about all the little things! And it usually results in a myriad of complex and spontaneous emotion... ranging from laughing out loud and hysterical amusement, to deepest sympathy, to utter astonishment (I don't have kids yet!).... Thanks for sharing, it is sometimes the highlight of my day!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Allergy meds are my other food group. I can so relate to and sympathize with you. As I write this, I'm comatose and have to be at a dinner soon.

Casey said...

I didn't watch the president, but you better believe I was glued to American Idol!

christi said...

glad you like them! my family loves them!! hope ya'll have fun tonight.

The Day's said...

This made me laugh, as most of Colby's conversations do! And I agree with your first comment, I would rather watch Molly clean up pee than watch the President! I saw on Josh's facebook that he was friends with you and that started a series of conversations of how he knew you. It's such a small world!

Megan B said...

Amy--I 2nd the comment about taking your allergy meds at night. I have to take zyrtec every day now and it knocks me out I take it around dinner time or bedtime and it works great. It's 24 hours, so it's not a big deal to take it then...