Saturday, March 28, 2009

project 365, week 13

this has been such a crazy weather week!
the kids played in the sprinkler on sunday afternoon. we had marble size hail at our house on wednesday (it was tennis ball size just west of us and broke out windshields!!), and then it got down into the low 30's friday night. thats texas weather for you though!

the kids were outside playing and colby wanted a drink out of the water hose. i was feeling obnoxious so i cranked the water on full blast and it soaked him. this resulted in both of my kids being soaking wet and ultimately playing in the sprinkler in their clothes.

when we got home from the grocery store there was a big fat cardinal in our tree. such a beautiful bird! i tried to get closer, but i spooked him and he flew away.

colby asked for peanuts at snacktime and molly wanted goldfish. then colby decided he wanted some goldfish mixed in with his peanuts. we were sitting at the table and he asked, "mommy, did jesus really feed 2,000 people with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 goldfish??" i looked over to find this arrangement, and then we talked about the story. i love that his snack made him think about a bible story!!

the crazy hail storm! it freaked the kids out a little and church services were cancelled for the evening, which means daddy was home (always a bonus!).
the kids each had a cup of hail balls for dessert, with little pieces of grass mixed in for flavor. aw, i should have taken a picture of that! this picture doesnt do the hail storm justice, but you can kind of see how much is pushed up against the playhouse. our front yard looked like it had snowed! crazy stuff!!

colby has a train track set thats supposed to be a 'train carnival'. its so big that we dont keep it set up, so each time he wants to play with it i 'get' to put it together. this thing is the bane of my existence in that as soon as i build it, it breaks somewhere, and it doesnt fit together quite like it should in the first place. grrrr. i get all sweaty and worked up just thinking about it.

once a month we have midnight scrapping at the church. its open to anyone, and we bring some (or all) of our scrapbooking stuff and sit for hours and talk and eat, and we might get a little scrapbooking done. this is from one of the pages i did.

we had a great night out! allen preached sunday in 'big church' and fabricated a story (to make a point) about us going to ruth's chris steak house and seeing a celebrity, etc, etc. he told the congregation, "you should have known i was lying when i said we were at ruth's chris steakhouse! i cant afford that on a youth pastors salary!!" later that night he was up at the church for a meeting and there was a gift card at his desk for cool river, a delicious upscale steakhouse here in town. we dont know who gave it to us, but the inside read, 'it's no ruths chris, but take amy and enjoy.' so tonight we did!! if whoever gave that to us reads this, thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! we sooo appreciate it!
after dinner we went to the round rock high school dragonettes spring show to support a few of our youth that were performing. it was fantastic! top that off with free babysitting from our sweet friend becky and you have a wonderful date night. :) the picture is sideways, but i just dont have the patience to go in and change it and reload my pictures. theres probably a very easy way to do that, but i'm technilogically challenged and tend to do things the hard way.

have a blessed week!!!!


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Kim said...

My son had a track set that took up a huge space also. We hardly ever got it out because we lived in a tiny little apartment. So it was always a very special occasion when we did :-)

I loved the peanuts and goldfish story. Yes, those unexpected teaching moments are usually better than the planned ones!

Sorry your windshields were broken. Hail is a common enough problem here in the spring that we hurry and park the car in the garage if it looks like a storm is coming up.

Dena said...

Great pictures. Our weather hasn't been warm enough for hail here yet. We still had snow flurries just yesterday. Love the peanuts & goldfish teaching moment. Oh and your train track reminds me of all the hotwheels sets I was "blessed" 'to be able to help my son set up when he was younger. They always gave me such a headache!

Sara@i.Sass said...

I love looking at these kinds of pictures. Hail scares me. It means that the storm is B.A.D.
I love the Cardinal, I wish mine would come back, though it's still cold here...
Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

MIdnight scrapping? That is my kind of church. :)

Esthermay said...

Cardinals! Nice! . . . and your trees are green. I am SO jealous.

I should not let my little guy sit on my lap while I visit 365 blogs. Now HE is jealous of Colby’s track :)

Nice pictures this week. Sorry I’m so late to the game.. . .