Thursday, March 12, 2009

mass quantities of vomit

whats that you say? its been too long since ive posted about one of my kids vomiting? well, lucky for you friends, the wait is over!!
granted this one is not as funny as my past experiences have been, but its none the less satisfyingly grotesque.
the night before last i was sound asleep when allen taps me on the leg.
allen: "where's mollys other bink?" (bink is what we call her bear she sleeps with. its actually a little blanket with a head. you moms know what i'm talking about.)
me: (completely not awake) "huh? wha? is everything ok?"
allen: "i just need to know where her bink is!"
me: "give me a second to think!..........its in her hamper. it smells like pee."
allen: "well, its that or vomit."
me: (definitley awake now) "what?? whats wrong?"
allen: "she threw up. i took care of it. go back to sleep."
me: "why did she throw up?"
allen: "i dont know, she didnt tell me." (nothing like a little sarcasm at 3am)
i laid there deliberating if i should get up or not. he told me not to, which he most likely meant. the mommy in me wants to get up and make sure everything is under control, but he told that he took care of it, so if i do get up he's going to think that i dont trust him. or does he really want me to get up, but he doesnt want me to feel like i have to? i was still deciding when he came back in. i asked for more details. it was all over her sheet and everything else in her bed, but not on her. he changed her sheet and pillowcase and put her back to bed.
allen: "did you not hear her crying?"
me: "no! i never do!"
this is something i no longer possess; the ability to hear my kids crying at night. when they were bitty babies i heard them, even without a monitor, but once they hit about 20 months something happened and that part of me shut down. on the occasion she cries during the night, allens the one that hears her and goes in to take care of it 99% of the time. the other 1% of the time when i do hear her, its usually because i'm up using the bathroom or coming back from the gym at 645am, which is still considered 'night time' at my house.
we were kind of back asleep when he hears her again. i of course didnt, but i felt him throw the covers back and jump out of bed. this time i was right behind him. about half an hour had passed since the first incident. she had thrown up again.
fresh sheet, fresh pillow case, fresh pjs. bink was ok this time.
again 30 mintues later. same drill.
and again 30 mintues later.
by this time the first load of vomit laundry was done, so we had a fresh sheet to put on the bed.
i made the decision to not put her back in her bed based on what had transpired over the past 2 hours. i was sensing a pattern. (you're probably thinking, 'well its about time genius!')
being concerned about dehydration, allen gave her something to drink and she almost immediately threw it up.
so we sat in the dark in the living room with a few towels for protection. molly wanted daddy, so they fell asleep on the couch together and i slept on the floor next to them. colby came out and woke us up at 715 so we could get him ready for school.
molly threw up a grand total of 10 times from 3am to 9am. why i kept count, i'm not sure. a friend of mine said i did it subconciously to keep my sanity.
by 11am she seemed fine, and had her appetite back. we stuck to the B.R.A.T. diet all day and didnt have any more issues.
when colby got home from mothers day out, i tried to keep them away from each other as much as i could. going through that experience with him is one of the last things on my wish list right now, right above public humiliation (shout out to those of you doing the esther study).

anyway, all is well. we were super stir crazy today so like a madwoman i took the kids to the outlet mall in the freezing rain (please come back spring weather!) to use my 30% off Gap coupon and hit the clearance rack at Childrens Place. then i played pirates with colby for an hour (you'll get a picture of that on saturday. cant wait, can you?) while mojo slept.

praise the Lord this is really the only sickness we've dealt with this whole winter season, even though its not winter anymore, but you know what i mean.
i'm good with that.


sara said...

that is the worst!!! I was so happy when my kids could make it to the bathroom!!!

Dawn said...

So glad she's all better... and praying the rest of you stay healthy. Let me know if you all need anything, okay?