Sunday, March 8, 2009

project 365, week 10

week 10!!
this year is flying by at a ridiculous pace. i think doing this project keeps me even more aware of that than i would be normally.
i missed wednesday this week. so sorry. i thought about it many times but never acted.
i have multiple pictures on multiple days, though. hopefully that will make up for the oversight.
link up to saras blog if you have pictures to share!!

SUNDAY, Mar 1st
i realized as i was going to bed that i hadnt taken a picture for the day! i snuck in a got this one of colby. not great, but it was the best i could do. at his mdo they've been recognizing people who serve in the community and have had a few come talk to the class (fireman, policeman, pastor [my husband!], nurse, and UPS man). the UPS man gave tshirts to all the kids. colby slept in his for the first few nights till i finally had to wash it again. he's sleeping in it in this picture. its a size large, so he can barely keep it on. so cute.

MONDAY, Mar 2nd
some friends gave us tickets to the UT vs Baylor game. i hadnt been to a UT basketball game, so i was really looking forward to it. the game was pretty slow and UT hammered them, but it was still fun. notice my scarf? monday was scarf day!

TUESDAY, Mar 3rd
all the bowls were being washed in the dishwasher, so i ate my cereal out of the smallest mixing bowl we have, which is still way too big for cereal, as you can plainly see.

the kids and i went to my parents house after bible study and lunch. dad was working in their backyard getting sod laid. colby caught a ride on the wheelbarrow.

FRIDAY, Mar 6th
we had a great family day outside getting the yard cleaned up, flower beds cleaned out and weeded, bushes trimmed back, etc. colby and molly played with the sidewalk chalk and colby managed to get more on his rear end than on the sidewalk i think.

i had to do 3 pictures for this day (i guess that makes up for missing wednesday)
the kids' first time fishing! we went to a local 'duck pond' with some friends of ours and spent about an hour and a half out there fishing and playing. colby didnt catch anything but evan caught a fish and a turtle and allen got a duck tangled in his fishing line. its all catch and release, and the duck came out unscathed as well...maybe a little traumatized.

fish numero uno

father and son

then on to pei wei for lunch. he hasnt quite got the hang of the chopsticks.

have a blessed week! thanks for stopping by! :)


sara said...

what a great week!!!

Pei FAV!!!!

I have so many fun fishing pictures of my kids with my dad. that brought back a lot of wonderful memories!!!

cereal in the mixing bowl...I would laugh...but I've done it!!!!

Lisa said...

What great pictures! I laughed out loud at the mixing bowl...what we moms sacrifice!

The one of Colby sleeping is so sweet and with your dad too. They were all great.

Then I went down to the posts I missed in between this week and last. Loved both of them...the warning label and the park witnessing and the sweet boy.

These years are so priceless, aren't they??

Esthermay said...

"The family that goes fishing together, stays together." I think my husband said that
Nice catch.
I love your choice in breakfast cuisine! Very healthy. YUM!

Michelle said...

Fun pictures of last week. If I forget to take a picture it usually ends up being of dinner! :)

Love the dirt bootie cute. :)

Dena said...

Great pictures! I'm most envious of the fact that you are all able to wear shorts outside! We got 3" of new snow just today.

fransmomma said...

im sorry? snow? i'm not sure what you're refering to. :)

Edie said...

How cute these pictures are! I've eaten cereal out of a variety of containers. LOL!

I should have been outside this weekend cleaning up. Maybe tomorrow. :)

The sidewalk chalk pic was great!

LuAnn said...

Love the sidewalk chalk butt. I look forward to the day I can work in my yard. Another snow/ice storm today. I'm figuring we will be out in July!

Becky said...

That chopstick pic is adorable. lol, about catching a duck! Looks like a fun busy week. I agree that this project makes one more aware of the passage of time. Its a blessing and a curse.

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE Pei Wei. And I eat cereal out of whatever's clean, sometimes it's a cup! The booty shot is classic:)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I can so relate to that cereal bowl picture. Cute pics.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Hi there - thank you so much for dropping by my blog! I don't know how I've missed coming across your before this - what beautiful kiddos you have.

I have to that Kashi cereal in that picture? That is one of my faves - and with fruit, even better!

So nice to meet you...