Saturday, March 21, 2009

project 365, week 12

spring break!! that really means nothing to me actually, except that colby went to the grocery store with me on monday, which he usually doesnt do because he's at mothers day out. oh, it also means that everything is ridiculously crowded because no one is in school, thereby resulting in me staying home, because really, who wants to fight a crowd with 2 preschoolers when i could just wait a few more days?? so i guess i'm one of the few that does not look forward to spring break.
colby left wednesday to spend the last half of the week in houston with mimi and papa. they took him to the houston rodeo thursday night, so i'm sure i'll get to hear all about that when he gets home tomorrow.
mom took molly friday evening and we had a date night and a great saturday at a marriage conference with dr. gary chapman (The Five Love Languages, just to name one of his many many books) sooo good!!! if you ever have the chance to attend one of his conferences, do it!
my pictures dont reflect any of that stuff, which is why i'm telling you now. :)
here's the rest of my week.
the last lego project! last week i pulled out a ginormous box of legos and built a pirate thing and a parking garage. there was still one left to build, but i was legoed out and allen wanted to try his hand at it, so we saved the last one for daddy. sunday afternoon was spent on the castle hideout.

we were sitting out on the deck when allen got home from work and he said, "oh my gosh, the yard needs to be mowed!" so he got out before dinner and gave the front yard the first mow of the year. the kids thought he might need some help.

i saw one of the moms at colbys school with black toenails and thought it was super cute,
so i picked up a bottle of black polish at the store on monday. when molly saw me painting my nails she of course wanted me to do hers. i have a precious, fluffly, pink little 2 year old with black toe nails.

the worst parking job i've ever seen. i promise you, this car is legitimately parked in this space, or spaces as it were. you can see there is no one in the front seat, and the car was still there when i came out of the store. i couldnt help but take a picture. seriously???

mo and i went to my parents house to play (they have the best little kid yard!) and i caught molly going in and out of the pet door. she does it often, but i'd never taken a picture of it.

GREASE!! we went to opening night to see the show and support my buddies in the cast.
this is chris. he played the part of sonny and stole the show!!!

my husband is a ridiculous DUKE basketball fan. seriously. ridiculous. he has march madness like no one should and he even had colby fill out a bracket. colby picked western kentucky to win the whole tournament because kentucky is a funny name. he also picked cornell to advance pretty far because he likes corn. for those of you who are uneducated in basketball, these are not good choices, although western kentucky is still in it, but thats beside the point.
tonight i am torn because the Texas Longhorns are playing DUKE. as i said allen is the biggest DUKE fan EVER but how can we not root for UT?? he forbade me from wearing anything UT today and even had an issue with my orange t-shirt i put on when we got home (not a concious decision i assure you).
so this is my picture for today.


sara said...

this was a great week in pictures!!! I absolutely love the one of your kids helping daddy mow. Those are the precious pictures you will treasure later!

the doggy door.....too cute!!

and what a great set of toes!

have a good week and thanks for your prayers!

Dena said...

My nephew goes through our doggie door too. It's so funny to watch!

I look forward to Spring Break because everyone is down there seeing all of you, so no one is hardly left here in the midwest. Makes shopping delightful for me. LOL

Kim said...

March Madness is popping up in a lot of Project 365 this week. LOL I'm getting a kick out of all the school team fervor.
The pics of Molly going in and out of the pet door are too cute!
As is the one of the kids "helping" mow.
Just an overall great week in photos!

Lisa said...

Super fun week. I like the doggy door, especially the backside :), the toenails (they are watching us all the time!) and the lawn mowing "helpers".

Its Madness in thise house too. Go UCONN!

LuAnn said...

Great pictures this week. I love the toes and doggie door.
We got the madness here too. I love it!!!!

Michelle said...

Great shots this week. I'd have to say that the toe shot is my favorite.

Nise' said...

Wonderful pictures this week. Love those black toes. Love it that you took a picture of a bad parker.

Becky said...

I love that lawn mower pic.

I don't know if I am brave enough for black but maybe dark blue.

We only have a cat door but if it was bigger I'm sure my kids would constantly be escaping.

Maybe it was a new car and they were trying to avoid dings... who knows?

Janell said...

Very cute pictures! I am going to see Grease on Saturday and I can't wait!
By the way, I had Colby in Sunday school a couple of weeks ago, and he had me laughing the whole time! When we were making these pictures with animal stickers, he stuck an elephant right next to a fish. Then he said, "That elephant's dead." When I asked him why, he said, "Because elephants can't swim!" So hilarious!!