Thursday, March 19, 2009

just mo

colbys at his mimis house till sunday!! its weird having just molly. both of them being gone is not weird, just quiet, and a nice change from time to time, although rarely does that happen just for the sake of them being gone. they're usually both gone so we can go to youth camp or some other church/youth function, so we're not here to enjoy the quietness. is that a word?
anyway, so colby left yesterday evening and will come back on sunday morning. allen is preaching in 'big church' so his mom and stepdad are driving back in to hear him, and they'll drop colby off at that time as well. kind of a two-fer, if you will.
molly and i were sitting out back after colby left yesterday. it was a beautiful evening, about 65 degrees i would guess, and i was reading a book while she took her babies down the slide. then she got a book and came and sat next to 'read'. whats funny is she grabbed 'A Charlotte Mason Companion' by Karen Andreola off a side table just inside the door (its a homeschooling book), and 'read' to me about dinosaurs. i dont know where that came from but she was going on and on about what they like to eat and their tongues and all sorts of other randomness. and to think she got it all from that charlotte mason book! :) it amazes me how much she has to say when colbys not around. not that she doesnt talk much, because her mouth is always going non-stop. its just that when hes here, she follows his lead for the most part. his ideas are her ideas. i dont get much from molly, because its all stuff that shes heard him say or seen him do and shes re-doing it her way. i get time with her 2 mornings during the week while colbys at mothers day out, but i take advantage of that time with one less kid to do my grocery shopping and go to the gym and run other various errands. we hardly ever just stay home on those mornings.
all that said, i'm looking forward to 'just sitting' with mojo today, and tomorrow, and the next day.......
we were supposed to go to the zoo today, but we've been a couple of times already this month and i just didnt feel like driving an hour and a half, so i backed out at the last minute. i think maybe the Lord prompted my heart on that so i can just enjoy my baby girl with out any activities or other stuff going on.
this will be fun!

have a blessed weekend!!


Dawn said...

It won't change as they get older, either. It's still fun to have one on one time with my kids and to hear what they have to say without the input of their sibbling.

We also regularly take our kids out on a "date." We started when they were pretty close to your kids' ages. Now that they are "big kids," it truly is a date setting. For Burrito, we fund the date (tell him how much he can spend) but it is his responsibility to plan it (keeping time and budget in mind) and to treat me with the same respect that he would a young lady - opening doors, holding chairs out, etc. Larry takes Kat on dates, too, including the Daddy-Daughter dance at the rec center every year. She loves to get dressed up for him. The lessons are two-fold for her: 1., To learn that how Daddy treats her is the same standard she should expect from a real date (some day) and, 2. Whatever limits (time, money) that is placed on the date should be held to and respected as her future dates won't have unlimited funds.

Enjoy your time with Molly - try to fit in something "girly" that you wouldn't do if Colby were around - you know, paint all your nails a matching color or something! Ha!

Audrey and Company said...

Super sweet! I love that baby girl of yours too.

sara said...

I always enjoyed having my youngest without the older ones around...he would just burst out of his shell. Good times!