Friday, March 13, 2009

my sweet girl

when she thinks no one is paying attention, molly 'reads' to herself. whether its a book she already knows and gets mostly right, or shes just looking at the pictures and making up a story to go with them, its the sweetest little thing.
i caught her doing it today with Goodnight Moon and i ran a grabbed my camera and taped her without her knowing. theres a long pause in the middle, but you can hear her 'reading' for most of it. almost 2 mintutes in, i think at a minute and fifty seconds, she says something like, "oh no, its dark again! what ever shall we do in the dark?" then she turns the page and says, "all night long the cat sit in the chair."
i love it! hope it doesnt bore you....
on a side note, i spent almost 5 hours (not in a row) building Lego sets today. we inherited a few of the big sets from a friend of ours and i just pulled them out for the first time for colby to play with today. so of course i 'got' to build the pirate island set and the metro park and service station. you'll see pictures tomorrow for 365. i just heard colby in the living room say, "mom, i'm having some tenical ish-yous (technical issues) with this gas station!"
i must go save the day!