Thursday, April 16, 2009

american idol...WHAT? and a link to allens sermon!!

i am a HUGE american idol fan. HUGE. i've tried out twice which is a whole post in and of itsself, and i've been to the tour concert i think every season since season #3. its the primetime highlight of my week, and when the season comes to an end i observe a 2 week period of mourning in which i wear black and listen only to ryan seacrest via satellite radio. ok, not really. i dont even have satellite radio, nor do i have that much black.

last nights episode was...interesting. i figured they'd use the save on matt if it came to that, but i was also guessing that lil would be going home after her less than stellar performances over the last few weeks.
i'm not a lil fan.
when you get right down to it i'm a danny fan. period.
there are others i like, of course, but lil is not one of them. i've been ready for her to go ever since she butchered martina mcbride in country week (seriously, why do we have to do that every season?).
so i'm anticipating next weeks results show in which, hopefully, we'll say goodbye to lil and either matt or anoop.

for those of you that aren't idol fans, i apologize for this post.
i just cant believe i've never posted about AI on here with me being as big of a fan as i am, so i thought it was time.

the icing on the cake however is that, because of my sick obsession, allen was able to use american idol (in a roundabout way) in a sermon illustration when he preached a couple of weeks ago. he leaned over to me right before he went up to give his message and said, "whatever i say, just go with it." of course i immediately start thinking, 'what is he going to say about me? will i be embarrased? just go with it???' it was a great "story" and an even greater message. the illustration is right at the beginning, but of course you're welcome to listen to the whole thing. ;-)

ok, so for you other AI fans out there, thoughts on this week?? this season? i want to hear them!


KALDesign said...

I am a Danny fan!!!! I love his heart and how it puts it into his music. But close behind Danny is Adam Lambert. Although his style is not my cup of tea....He is one talented young man. And never mind that we share a last name. I will have a hard time in the finals. I have been ready for Lil to go home for awhile too. Anoop has had some good preformances, but somehow just doesn't fit the my vision of an American Idol. It is not because of his nationality, but because he lacks carisma. There is just no snap there. No personality that I can see. So I am ready for those two to go next week too.

Rockland & Deanna said...

I agree with you completely. They saved Matt but it is only a matter of time before Matt, Lil, and Anoop go. I wanted Danny to win but don't think he can now. Adam and Allison are very talented and will have careers no matter what. I'm afraid Kris and Danny are getting lost in the shadows. Disco week isn't going to help I'm afraid. I wish Lil had gone weeks ago the show too!

Sara@i.Sass said...

My word verif is:caker
ha ha.
I'll use it like this.
Danny is my caker.
He takes the cake, I pick him to win.
I like Adam, He's different, I'm not crazy about the screaming he does...but HEY it's entertaining, unlike Lil, she BOR-RING.
I like Matt, but compared to Danny and Adam he really doesn't have a shot.
I don't like Alison either, she bugs me. The whole rocker chick bugs me.
You know what would be cool but will never happen, bring all the "idols" back and compete in an ULTIMATE IDOL showdown. Now that would be sick!!!
I think Carrie would win it.
I miss Michael I really enjoyed his proformances, he wasn't the greatest but he put his heart into it and I enjoyed him.

sara said...

I think Lil should have gone home and was hoping for it! But I am a big Kris fan AND he lives not far from me!!! Danny would be my second choice.

More Than Conquerors said...

I am an Al(len) fan more than I am an AI fan :)

Thanks for posting that link. Have been wanting to listen to it again..

sara said...

loved the illustration AND the sermon! so fun to listen to him!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Carrie Underwood! How fun!

I'm a Danny fan, too. I chose him the first night, but I think the crowd is going for Adam Lambert. Wonder what disco week will hold?