Saturday, April 4, 2009

project 365, week 14

the weather was beautiful this week!! we had some crazy strong winds on thursday (it blew everything off our deck and ruined some of my plants), but despite the wind we still got to do some great outdoor stuff pretty much everyday i think. another few weeks and we'll be at the pool! here's the week in pictures.

SUNDAY, Mar 29th
when we got home from church, we were immediately outside playing and stayed there till bedtime. we even ate our dinner outside on the deck.

MONDAY, Mar 30th
molly wore this shirt on monday. my parents got it for her in seattle several months ago, but its been too big until just recently. i think its really cute. hopefully she will potty train soon and wont be able to wear it anymore!!!

TUESDAY, Mar 31st
i took several pictures on this day. we went to a new park, took a walk, spent a few hours playing at grammies house, and had dinner with some friends. this picture was by far the funniest.
colby had his shin guards on as we were leaving for dinner (i guess you cant be too careful, right?) and at some point in the car i looked back and saw this. the expression is priceless. he was so proud of himself.

WEDNESDAY, April 1st
they're back! we get beautiful patches of bluebonnets (our state flower) all over the place in late march and they stick around for about 2 or 3 weeks. hopefully i'll have our yearly 'bluebonnet pictures' posted on here soon. we havent found a patch big enough for picture taking yet.

THURSDAY, April 2nd
we met my grandparents for lunch at cracker barrell and they bought the kids these pinwheels. this was the day we had the 40mph winds, so it was a perfect day to stick these in the yard and watch 'em go! please excuse the dead grass and dirt; the yard hasnt recovered from winter yet.

FRIDAY, April 3rd
when we were outside thursday, colby said, "this is great kite flying weather," (which struck me as funny since he hasnt ever flown a kite) so that night we made a trip to wal-mart and let each of them pick a kite out. we stood out in our cul-de-sac and flew kites for about an hour or so friday morning. we also washed cars, and rode bikes and the 4-wheeler...and all four of us got our first sunburn of the year!!

SATURDAY, April 4th
colby has been wanting to see this movie since the first time we saw a preview for it several months ago. i took him today while molly was napping; shes not quite ready for movies yet. it was actually pretty funny, other than a bit of adult humor that i wasnt too thrilled about my 4 year old hearing. fortunately he didnt pick up on any of it.

hope everyone had a great week!!!


Esthermay said...

I envy your weather!

Blame ADD – but . . . I stared and stared and stared at the picture of Colby thinking “That is some weird new pillow for the carseat? Or what??” Duh. Shin guards! I forgot to do the reading assignment. Funny. The expression is priceless. Precious little boy.

Again - I’m just flat out (green with) envy over your weather. Your grass is green. Your trees are green. Your plants are green. If I send some Cranberry Almond Biscotti to TX, will you send me your weather?
Say "Yes."

LuAnn said...

I am with Esthermay - I want your weather too. I want to see flowers. You will have to see how late this happens in WI in my pics.
Maybe in May.?!?!
I love the pinwheels and Cracker Barrel.
Blessings this week!!!

sara said...

the tshirt is priceless!!! I love it! And I will pray with you that she potty trains me that was the worst season!

While in TX, I got to enjoy the bluebonnets!!! They were beautiful around Dallas!

Kim said...

Outside fun! So glad you were able to enjoy time outside every day :-) Loved Colby's inventive use of shin guards. LOL

Elizabeth said...

I love that you are spending so much time outdoors! We are still having some really cold days, but when it's warm I can't get the kids to come inside, even for meals. It's great!

I can't wait to see those bluebonnet pictures. My husband's family took them every year when he was growing up in Texas.

TCKK said...

Looks like you had such a fun week. I love the shin guards. Too funny. The pinwheels are pretty (I need some of those) and the bluebonnets are beautiful.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I lived in Texas for a couple of years and oh, how I miss the bluebonnets! They are lovely! I can't wait to see your "yearly bluebonnet pictures" when you post them.

I love the expression on your little guy's face - it is so precious when they are so proud of themselves and they can't help but show it.

That iPood shirt is awesome!

Lisa said...

That IS cute that he wanted to fly a kite, but never had. He's probably hooked now.

Molly's shirt is really cute. I agree with far, in all my almost four years of being a parent, the worst has been potty training (twice now).

Nise' said...

We are expecting snow tomorrow! YUCK. Bluebonnets are so pretty. Love the shirt.

Casey said...

I am now certain that I have to go buy kites for my boys. I loved it yesterday! I'm not even sure if they will care, but so what! As long as I'm entertained! :-) Great idea, Colby!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, that Ipood onesies cracked me up!