Friday, April 17, 2009

friday fun

we had plans to re-seal our deck today because we've all been getting tragic splinters; and even more tragic is the lack of gentleness i have as i dig them out of the offended foot. but alas, its been raining since about 3am. project postponed.
i told the kids we could play in the rain before i realized it was an inappropriate 50 degrees outside. it may not have been quite that cold, but it was definitely too chilly to be sopping wet outside. i'm not one to go back on my word, though, so out we went.
all 4 of us.
in our swimsuits.
50 degrees (give or take).
lets just say it didnt last long.
of course there was molly who ran right out in it and stayed out for about 20 minutes, oblivious to the rest of us cowering under our umbrellas in the driveway.
i'm sure there will be other much warmer storms over the course of the next month or so. we'll give it another try at that point. today was just not the right day for it.

we came inside and read books, played 'bugs', had lunch together, and did laundry.
later in the afternoon allen went to run some errands which included a trip to hobby lobby to get me some scrapbooking supplies for tonights midnight scrap at the church (what a great husband!!!) and when he came home he brought in a box of dunkin donuts. we never eat donuts so the kids went crazy!! he got me a couple he thought i would like and 3 each of the kids' favorite. it was a fantastic surprise and we sat on the floor in the living room huddled around the open box and chowed down. we each had 2. well, the kids had 2 and allen and i each had 1 and then spit one that we both wanted. :) i doubt we'll be having dinner at out regular time tonight!

the rain stopped for a little bit so we went out and played with the bubble wand. the air was still, no wind, so the bubbles just kind of hovered in the air. very cool.
i guess the main reason for this post is an excuse to post all my pictures. i dont usually do 'heres what we did today' posts, but theres no way i can pick just one picture from today for project 365, so im doing this instead.

midnight scrapping at the church tonight. we start at 6pm and go till at least midnight. and some of actually get some scrapbooking done!! cant wait!


sara said...

what a fun day. Love the last picture!!! that big bubble is so cool!

When my kids were younger I used to do the midnight scrapping at our church. it was so much fun and I always got so much done.

Have fun!

Dawn said...

I saw Allen's status on facebook and was hoping you'd post some pictures. What a fun day! (Cold... but fun!)