Wednesday, April 1, 2009

colbys latest quips and quirks

this will be another bulleted post, because thats how i roll. at least for today.
and its all about colby, which usually means it will be funny...usually.

colby: "girls need their pretty sleep so they'll be prettier. and so they'll be nice."
i'm not sure what this says about me, other than i do need a lot of sleep in order to be nice. :)

colby: "mommy, i like the way your feet smell."
me: "really? how do they smell?"
colby: (he takes a big whiff) "mmmm! like cherries!"
i really dont know where this came from. if anything they smelled like the inside of my tennis shoes, which i dont view as a good thing.

when i picked him up from school today, ms brandy told me they were doing an activity where they were coloring bunnies and he told her that black bunnies, gray bunnies, and brown bunnies are called dust bunnies. hahaha!! i love that.

when he stayed at mimis over spring break, there was a little boy across the street with a horn on his bicycle, and colby loved it. so mimi bought and mailed colby a horn to put on his tricycle. he honks it at anything and everything in front of him, whether it be me, a rock on the ground, or the mailbox. what cracks me up, is he will honk it at an immoveable object (like the mailbox), and when whatever that object is doesnt move (how could it?), he runs into it and just sits there honking at it. it makes for a very long afternoon for him; sitting in front of the mailbox. honking.

colby: "mommy, i want to be a diver when i grow up. actually, i want to be a music person, but if i get tired of doing music i'll just jump into the ocean. but i cant look for treasure because the pirates already got it."
me: "what are going to look for?"
colby: "fishies."
me: "what are you going to do with the fish when you find them?"
colby: "just feel of them."
what would that job title be? and how would i tell people? "my son feels up fish for a living."


Finchers said...

How do you remember all those conversations you have with him long enough to get it into your blog?

Dawn said...

I think Colby needs to go with the guys on the fishing trip! Ha!

Michelle said...

LOL! What a funny conversation.

Anonymous said...

Cracking up!!! He is such a riot! I can not wait to tell my fisherman hubby what Colby wants to do to those fish! LOL!