Saturday, April 25, 2009

project 365, week 17

week 17 of project 365!
i think i've missed maybe 3 days of taking a picture so far this year, which i'm super proud of!
this week was odd because i got sick on tuesday all of a sudden. we came home from the park and my stomach started cramping up really bad every 5 or 10 minutes. i felt like i was in labor! this started right after i posted about my leg getting hurt, so yes i felt like i was falling apart right before my eyes!!
i'm much better today, but i went to a couple of drs and was laid out on the couch for about 48 hours. i have crohns disease (was diagnosed in feb '00), so i thought it might be related to that at first, but my gastroenterologist said the pain was too high up in my stomach to be that. at any rate, its gone now and i think i'm pretty much back to normal.
all thats to say, my week got a little thrown off, but i still managed to crank out a picture for each day--except sunday. my sunday picture for this week is actually from last sunday, so it was taken on the right day, just a week too early. :) good enough.

SUNDAY, april 19th
this is a rosebush that was already here when we moved into the house 3 years ago. i do nothing to it other than prune it back right before it gets warm outside each spring and it always blooms beautifully. i have a black thumb. my grandparents thought i might have some luck with a cactus garden one time when i was younger. they died; the cactus, not my grandparents. my grandparents are still very much alive.
i digress...
for this to have any life in at all after being in my care, or lack thereof, for 3 years is beyond me.
i just enjoy it and take no credit.

MONDAY, april 20th
the super fun sprinkler day. i hurt myself. i'm fine now. you can read about it here.

TUESDAY, april 21st
this is where i spent the better part of my tuesday once the stomach ache kicked in.

WEDNESDAY, april 22nd
hot! and its not even summer yet.

THURSDAY, april 23rd
i had told colby on tuesday that we could learn about tapeworms (long story), and had intended to look some stuff up on the internet, then i got sick, then our internet was down from tuesday evening till today. thursday i was feeling a little bit better, so i took the kids to the library and we checked out a few books on parasites plus a couple of extras. we are now all very educated about all the neat (or not) things that live in and on our bodies.

FRIDAY, april 24th
home all day. we started the morning in my bed reading our library books, then moved to the kitchhen table where we spent the rest of the afternoon coloring and doing sticker books.

SATURDAY, april 25th
a friend of mine invited molly and i to the first baptist church ladies' tea. they had just finished the esther study, so that was their theme, and the little girls were invited to come dressed like princesses. molly had mostly disrobed by the time we took this picture, but she looked adorable!! magic wand. feather boa. she was all decked out!

link up to saras blog for more project 365 pics!!


Esthermay said...

That sprinkler shot belongs on a magazine cover! BEAUTIFUL! Nice work.
ditto on the crayons :-)
Molly: what a sweetie. Love that smile. You could be sisters :-)

Great pictures this week. Very special. Sorry you felt icky - by Saturday, though, you looked Great!

. . . have a wonderful Lord's Day!

LuAnn said...

I too love the sprinkler shot - Amazing Form !!! ha ha Glad you are feeling better.
Blessings on your week!

sara said...

the roses are beautiful....did you see my post!! Same thing! I have these gorgeous roses that keep coming back no matter what I do/don't do to them with my very black thumb!!! :)

sorry you were sick this week, seems to be going around!!!

love the picture of you and Molly...those memories are so sweet!

great week!

skoots1mom said...

such good pics...enjoyed!
thanks for sharing w/ us

Kim said...

Sorry you had a rough week physically, but your photos are great! We're enjoying the 13 rose bushes previous tenants planted :-)

I really loved the last photo of you and Molly. It's so fun to do special things with our daughters!

Lisa said...

Yeah, I really like the sprinkler shot too. Too bad we're not as young as we used to be, huh?

Audrey and Company said...

So glad you are finally feeling better! :)

tiffany said...

Love that sprinkler shot!!