Monday, April 6, 2009

the worst tee-tee day ever!

this afternoon i heard colby yelling for me in the bathroom. i was going in expecting him to need me to wipe him, or at least check his work. that is definitely not what i walked in to. pee. lots of it. spreading across the floor. into the grout. eeewwww!
he's standing in front of the toilet on the rug i just washed this morning with his pants kind of pulled down but not really. he has trouble with the button and between waiting a little to long to go to the restroom and not being able to get them unbottoned fast enough, he soaked himself. so i stripped him down and put everything in the wash-including his shoes and the now twice washed rug.
when we had recovered, if you want to call it that, colby said,"this is just the worst tee-tee day ever for me!"
my question for you that have little ones or have raised kids--especially boys!!-- is how on earth do i get that very small guest bathroom to not smell like pee anymore?
i've actually been meaning to ask for the past few days, but todays incident put the nail in the coffin...or toilet seat as it were. the bathroom stinks. bad. i've tried spraying everything with lysol, scrubbing the floor, air freshener. is there anything i dont know about, or that just works really really well that maybe i havent thought of?
anything? anyone? bueller?


sara said...

white vinegar!! It works really well.

I walked passed our boys bathroom once...both were in there..and heard the oldest say "look! we made an X!"


Dawn said...

Sara is right, white vinegar works well. Don't try bleach - the clorine doesn't mix well with the amonia in the urine.

Sorry, but it was a funny story - probably because those kinds of things don't happen in my bathrooms anymore!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You might try a pet stain remover/deodorizer since it's made just for that purpose. just a thought. No idea if it works.

coopermom said...

My grandmother swears by vinegar! It works pretty well -- just think of the smell at my house with three!