Tuesday, April 21, 2009

note to self: you're getting old

allen mentioned on sunday that he was going to come home and work in the yard monday evening. the kids and i were outside yesterday afternoon playing and i decided to be a fabulous wife and pull all the weeds so he wouldnt have to do it before he mowed. i missed a patch in the front-sorry babe.
molly kept asking to play in the sprinkler but i knew i couldnt get the grass wet before he mowed it. when he got home, he did the backyard first, so the kids could play in the water. we got a new sprinkler about a month ago, but it hasnt been quite warm enough to play in it, so its been in the box next to the backdoor for about 4 weeks. its a huge beachball with holes in it that spray water everywhere. super fun. yesterday was the big day to break it out, and there was much rejoicing.
allen: "are you just going to let them play in their clothes?"
me: "yeah, they'll be fine. they wont get that wet."
what? hi, my name is delusional.

colby wanted me to come get in the water with them, and after some coaxing, i finally conceded.
then allen says,
allen: "jump over it!"
me: "the ball?"
allen: "yeah, see if you can jump over it."
me: "(see if you can jump over it? well, when you put it that way...)...ok."
allen: "i'm gonna see if i can get a picture."
(because of course my camera was out there with me. 365, holla!)
me: "what? (so now i have to make it over the ball, and look good doing it?)...ok."

my form was better the second time.

i think i hurt myself.
well, i did hurt myself. i just dont know when. i didnt notice until later this morning.
there was the weed pulling; hardly strenuous.
i went to bodypump this morning, just like i do pretty much every tuesday and thursday morning. same class, 530am. i stand and lift weights. i shouldnt get hurt, but i suppose that could have done it.
i really think its a sprinkler injury. or leaping injury. whatever. or maybe i should call it a 'you're too old to do that before stretching' injury. this saddens me. i tell myself, 'this doesnt happen to you. you're a dancer.' true, but i havent danced in a year and half. move it or lose it, right? and i definitely havent been moving it. not in that chasse leap kind of way.
so i suppose if i'm going to be leaping over the beachball sprinkler on a regular basis (it was fun), i'll need to warm up and do some stretches before hand.
lesson learned.

oh, and allen did it too. maybe the mowing warmed up his muscles....

we came in and had whats becoming our usual monday night dinner (quesedillas and homemade guacamole, because the avocados are flippin' amazing right now!) and family devotion. the devotion verse was out of psalm 42; "as a deer longs for streams of water, God, i long for You in the same way."
allen read the devotion and at one point the book said, "when we look for God, we always find Him," and colby piped up,
colby: "and bugs too! i can always find bugs when i look for them."
or that.
its a process, yes?
dont make any sudden moves without stretching first!


Dawn said...

Ummm... just wait 'til you hit the 40's. I'd tell you but it'd just scare or depress you. Ha!

It just cracked me up that Alen was so willing to get the camera out to document your moves. Larry would be doing the same - but he'd be hoping for the blooper video to submit to AFV! Ha!

Love your sprinkler! To look outside a window and see the water spraying from that would make me smile even without kids in it. I'm amazed that your kids let you leave it in the box for 4 weeks. (Doesn't that border on cruelty???)

See you Thursday morning, I hope!


Liz said...

I'm sorry that you hurt your leg. Did you sprain something or does it feel like a pulled muscle? Either way...that's no fun!

That's an awesome sprinkler though. I have never seen one like that.

Pretty cool...hope you feel better soon.

sara said...

I must say that your form is much better than your husbands!!! :)

I hate to think what my picture would look like.....

Casey said...

Gotta tell ya, Ame, I'm quite impressed with your leap! Not that I expected anything less, of course! Allen's was...good too! :-)

Katy Lin :) said...

o.m.w.!!! rotfl! you crack me up girl! :) so glad to have found you thru 365! :)

i tagged you too, if you have time between sprinkler jumping and body pumping ;)

Audrey and Company said...

love that water sprinkler! where is it from? wally world? thanks for your post on my blog. :) my sweater is a pretty new, i got it at the gap outlet recently if you want to pick yourself up one.