Saturday, April 18, 2009

project 365, week 16

here we are at the end of week 16. i took a ton of pictures this week, even though we spent a lot of it inside because of the rain. i had a very hard time deciding between some of them. sunday gets several since it was easter. tuesday and friday were heavy picture days, but i managed to pick just one. saturday i had to go with two.
i think we might stay dry for most of the week and get some good outside playtime before the next storm rolls in. april showers bring may flowers, right? and my roses are already blooming!

SUNDAY, april 12th
happy easter!!! of course i have to post easter pictures.
sunday morning was chilly and rainy (but i wore that new dress!) but by the afternoon it warmed up and dried off. we were even able to do an outdoor egg hunt!
this was about the best i could get of both of them. check out the matching shirts! love it!!
my handsome guys!
my sweet molly...and my easter dress!! woo-hoo!

MONDAY, april 13th
we went to our first round rock express game (triple A baseball) of the season monday night. colbys 'girlfriend' becca was there, so he was beyond thrilled. she had just come from soccer practice and looked particularly sporty.

TUESDAY, april 14th
colby talked me into getting a watermelon at the store on monday, but we didnt get around to eating it because we had the ballgame that night. i was going to chop it up for dessert and allen said, "lets just take it out on the deck and slice it up out there." the kids got super messy and went straight into the tub afterwards! it was really fun, though. feels like summers a-comin!

WEDNESDAY, april 15th
molly was playing at the park and peeked down at me through the wooden slats from above.
i loved it and had her do it again so i could take a picture.

THURSDAY, april 16th
colbys best friend evan gave him an ant farm for christmas, but they wont send the ants until its warm enough outside for them to make the trip through the mail. i sent off for them about 3 weeks ago and they came this week, so we were finally able to put his ant farm together! he and molly both have been enamored with it all week long. they'll probably end up right next to our hissing cockroaches. :)

FRIDAY, april 17th
the rain kept us in most of the day, but we were able to go out for just a little bit later in the afternoon. molly wanted to play with the bubble wand, and there wasnt any wind so they really cooperated. lots of great pictures, but this one is one of the coolest. allen got a picture of a bigger bubble, but i love the color of this one.

SATURDAY, april 18th
my parents have some friends visiting from australia. they come every few years and stay in the states for about a month. we went over tonight along with some other friends for a fish fry and crawfish boil (2 things the australians had not experienced). it was a lot of fun!

have a blessed week! check out saras blog for other project 365-ers.


Dawn said...

What a full week you had - full of memories! You'll be so glad down the road that you're capturing these memories. I wish I'd had a digital camera (or taken more with the old film camera) when my kiddos were the ages of your two.

By the way, love the matching Easter shirts. Very, very cute!

See you in the morning!

Be blessed!

Elizabeth said...

You have great pictures this week! Your kiddos are so, so cute and they are naturals in front of the camera. The one of Molly is precious-I love it.

I was just telling my kids last night what a crawfish boil is, so I'll have to show them your pictures. They're going to be amazed!

Have a great week-can't wait to see more pics next week.

Lisa said...

That watermelon looks so good. The one of Molly at the park is very artistic. Your dress looks really fun to try out new clothes!

tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, those crawfish look sooooo good, sure do miss having those, now that I'm living up north. Pooey on the North! LOL
The kiddos are so cute in their Easter outfits :o)

Dena said...

Great pictures! Love the colors in the bubble shot and the matching shirts for Easter is too cute. I remember how excited I got if I found something that would match for my boy and girls.

Kim said...

So many GREAT photos! Love your new dress, the food at the end is making me hungry (and I just ate!) and I saw watermelons in the store here :-) I'm going to have to get one this week. We can eat it on the back patio and then have a seed spitting contest!

Nise' said...

Great pictures. We were still wearing sweaters Easter sunday. What a difference a week makes! The watermelon looks so good, can't wait to eat some.

Katy Lin :) said...

what a fun week! love the Easter outfits - very cute dress, btw!

my fave pic of the week has to be Molly peeking at you - adorable! :)

LuAnn said...

Love the kids Easter outfits. Your dress rocks too. I can't wait for watermelon season here.
And the bubble was too cool.

Blessings this week!!!

skoots1mom said...

what awesome have a good eye!!

sara said...

this was a great week in pictures!!! They looked so cute in their matching shirts! enjoy that, it won't be long before they rebel from that! ha!

The ant farm made me laugh b/c it brought back a memory I had daughter got one of those and when we got the ants, they said the would be "sluggish". alyssa ended up dumping them on the kitchen counter instead of in the ant farm....they were NOT so sluggish as they ran all over my counter and on to the floor!!

Julie D. said...

I absolutely adore the picture of Molly at the park. Besides being a really good picture, it really captures her sweet and spunky spirit!!

Becky said...

You all looked great on Easter. Glad the weather cooperated for a little bit anyway.

I love shrimp, crab and lobster but I'm not sure I could eat a crawdad.

Getting messy with the watermelon sounds like fun. Sometimes its therapeutic to get messy on purpose ;-)

TCKK said...

What a fun fun week

Audrey and Company said...

Love the matching Easter outfits, the skirt was worth all the work you went to, to find it.