Saturday, April 11, 2009

project 365, week 15

woo hoo!!! week 15! i dont know why that excites me. 15 is just a good sounding number.
the weather once again went from chilly at the start of the week to 90 degrees on thursday and now we're back down into the 50's. easter is supposed to be rainy and cold tomorrow. i'm going to tough it out and wear that sleeveless dress my husband just bought me, though. its my first new easter outfit in 4 years. you bet i'll have it on.
here's the week...
SUNDAY, april 5th
the first load of easter candy i picked up. the robin eggs are for me (my fav!!). the lindor chocolates at the top left are for colby's easter basket--they look like ladybugs and bees and he loves bugs so i had to get them! although he doesnt really care for chocolate, so i guess i'll have to eat them. darn! the jellybean flower is for mollys basket and the m&ms and peeps are for a project you'll see on tuesdays picture. i had yet to get the 'egg' candy when i took this picture. talk about a sugar overload!!
MONDAY, april 6th
these are flowers colby and i made together monday afternoon. we each traced our hand, cut it out, and folded it around a straw. curl the fingers, add some leaves and a pipe cleaner and voila!! an easter lily. cute, huh?

TUESDAY, april 7th
heres the project using the peeps and m&ms. colby and i made these for his mothers day out teachers. i was very pleased with how they turned out. those are graham cracker crumbs on the bottom, and theres some brown sugar in there, too. you're supposed to dump it all in a bowl with some butter and vanilla and bake it. we made a batch with what i had left after the jars were made. it was pretty yummy. verrrry sweet and gooey!! heres the link to the directions

WEDNESDAY, april 8th
colbys class easter party was wednesday after lunch. they had an easter egg hunt and everyone put their eggs in cardboard cartons they had decorated on monday. i thought it was a cute idea instead of baskets, and that way everyone got 12 eggs.

THRUSDAY, april 9th my parents showed up thursday evening with water balloons and bubbles. we had so much fun playing outside together! the water balloons didnt work very well; they kept bouncing off of us and busting in the grass. molly loved the bubbles-i was able to get this cute shot of her.

FRIDAY, april 10th friday morning we woke up and headed to mimi and papas house in houston. after mollys nap the kids went on a treasure hunt all through the backyard and even into the neighbors yard and down the street to a couple of houses. mimi and papa went all out for this thing! there was buried (literally-they had to dig it up!) treasure and a plank they walked and jumped off of. mimi even mailed them treasure map t-shirts ahead of time to wear down there. it was incredible. i might post some pictures monday or tuesday, but i'm not sure they'll do it justice, so we'll see. pei wei for dinner friday night, green eggs and ham for breakfast, and an easter egg hunt saturday morning made for a great weekend and kids that did not want to leave.

SATURDAY, april 11th on our way home from houston allen pulled over so i could take a picture of this field. the blubonnets on the way to (and from) houston were indescribably beautiful. this picture does not even begin to capture the color and thickness of them and there were several more like this all up and down hwy 290. it was like God had just covered this acre of land with a bright blue blanket. absolutely gorgeous! i'll have to remember this for next years pictures!!

i pray your easter is blessed and beautiful!!


sara said...

oh, the picture of the bluebonnets!! I miss those!

Love the jar idea with the peeps, what a great gift!

Happy easter! don't forget to come over tomorrow and link up!

Dawn said...

Isn't the drive on 290 to Houston gorgeous??? We see the bluebonnets every spring (B usually has drumline competitions over there during bluebonnet season) and marvel at the fields of them.

By the way, loved your dress this morning!


tiffany said...

Great pictures! I love the jar idea, so pretty and I bet it's delicious!
Those flowers are so neat, never thought of that, what a great idea!
Hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday :o)

TCKK said...

I love your craft ideas, especially the Easter Lillies! Your kids are adorable.

LuAnn said...

I would love the jar receipe for those peeps.
Great bubble pic too.
Easter Blessings!!!!

Kim said...

Lovely, lovely photos! The one of Molly blowing bubbles is precious :-) And the field of bluebonnets - WOW!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Cute gift for those teachers! I, too, bought those precious little Lindor chocolates. I ate way too much of my kids' Easter candy. Bad mama.

Lisa said...

What a fun week. You are so crafty! The one of Molly is really cute. Hope we get to see your new dress. I will live vicariously through you with the new clothes. :)

Dena said...

The hand "lilies" are so cute and crafty and I love the gift jars. Great pictures.

Becky said...

I love the hand lilies. I am going to do some for my dads birthday. He is a gardener and will love these deer proof plants. ;-)

The bunny jar is cute too. What a great Easter gift idea... I'm sure there is a verse that could go with it about the sweetness of the Lord.

Great pics and ideas thank you so much for sharing.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Loved getting caught up! I'm definitely going to remember the peeps in the jar. Great pics. Tomorrow: 30 x 5 - un-cha!

Esthermay said...

I LOVE your Easter Lilies! How unique! I will copy this. OKAY? Very nice.
. . . and omigosh! That gift jar is sooo cute. You are a crafting genius. Seriously.
Thank you so much for including the link.

Here we go again. . . with the climate envy. The bluebonnets are absolutely picture perfect! What a great screensaver! Beats the Microsoft manufactured clouds anyday!

. . . and what a precious expression on Molly with the bubble wand. Love it!

Great pictures. I always enjoy my stop here.
God Bless your week!

Casey said...

The bubble picture is definitely a classic...crossed eyes and all. :-)