Saturday, May 16, 2009

project 365, week 20

another week gone by.
still loving the nose ring. it stopped oozing and bleeding by tuesday, so thats always a good thing i suppose. i have two reckless children, so the less people we have bleeding around here, the better i always say. or something like that.

its been a fun week, but different. allens mom has been wanting to take the kids to houston to do a campout in their backyard, and it just so happens this week was the time that worked out best for everyone's schedules. allen is preaching sunday (tomorrow), so we met them halfway when colby got out of school on wednesday and they will bring the kids back with them when they come to hear him preach tomorrow. the fun thing has been that today is my birthday (yay for that!), so i've been kind of celebrating all week long. i took full advantage of a few days without my kids to get some scrapbooking done, a little shopping, a little reading, dinner with friends, etc. its been really great. alas, i miss my munchkins and am ready for them to be home again!!

i have been sorely disappointed in myself these past couple months. i dont know whats happened, but i've lost the writing 'spark'. i dont feel like i have anything funny or creative to say, so i havent been blogging other than the 365 on saturday night/sunday. i need to get some creative juices flowing, or maybe put myself and my children in undeniably disastrous and compromising situations that will turn out good blogging material. we'll see how that goes.

heres the week...

SUNDAY, may 10th
allen is the chaplain for the round rock express baseball team. they had a homestand against the texas rangers triple a team out of oklahoma this past weekend. josh hamilton, center fielder for the rangers, was sent down on a rehab assignment, so when allen went to do chapel for the visiting team on sunday, josh was in there and allen got to meet him. he was soooo excited!!!
oh, and so was allen. ;-)
MONDAY, may 11th
every spring, these pretty little (pooping, lots of pooping) birds come and build a nest up under the eave of our front porch (not sure about that phraseology). every year i knock it down after they're gone. last year i didnt knock it down, thinking that if the old nest is still there theyd go find somewhere else to poop, i mean live. 'not so,' said the birds, 'we love living (and pooping) on your front porch. we'll just use the old nest.' and so they have. but, and i suppose this is the silver lining, i looked up monday afternoon and saw 4 little baby bird heads peeking up over the side of the nest. 4 baby birds in addition to momma and daddy bird means there are now 6 birds pooping on my porch, but it also means major cuteness. did i mention all the poop?
you can see one of the babies in this picture and the mom is feeding them something delicious, i'm sure.

TUESDAY, may 12th
our first trip to the pool this year!! colby was swimming pretty good by the end of last summer, mostly with his life jacket on. tuesday he told me he didnt need his life jacket anymore. i wasnt too sure, but then i couldnt find it, so i didnt argue.
it took him a little bit to remember, but he finally got the hang of it and did great!
molly is another story, and is going to give me at least 5 or 6 gray hairs before the summer is over!!

WEDNESDAY, may 13th
i'm singing sunday morning, so i had to go to rehearsal wednesday night. i'm so looking forward to it. we usually have a praise team with about 6 people, but dad (hes the worship leader) is doing it a little different this week, and another guy is leading worship with dad and i doing vocals. it'll be fun!

THURSDAY, may 14th
my first full day to myself. i spent a lot of it scrapbooking.

FRIDAY, may 15th
we had our best friends over for dinner (these are the same couples we spend new years eve with every year). this is a picture of april, myself, and lauren.

SATURDAY, may 16th
my 28th birthday!! my parents gave me a hobby lobby gift card. always a great choice.

have a fantastic week!!!! only 2 more weeks to enter my giveaway!!


KALDesign said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday and the rain didn't put too much of a damper on it all. Glad you got to scrapbook. and yes, I have been missing your blog posts. But I love the pics.

sara said...

what a great week!!

our pool is open but it just needs to quite raining so we can enjoy it!!!

the shot of the baby bird with it's mouth open is great!! not only do they poop alot, but the chirping (right by my bedroom window) can get annoying!!

loved the pics!

Amy said...

Hope your birthday was blessed! Ohhhh I LOVE Hobby Lobby!!!!!

I miss your writings!


Lisa said...

I was laughing our loud at you talking about the birds pooping. yeah, they are beautiufl but they do make such a mess!

Congrats on your time for the first couple days then it gets lonely.

Happy Birthday!

Kim said...

A few days to yourself is always fun, but yeah, you do miss the munchkins. Glad you've had a great birthday "week" :-) In Peru I understand they really do celebrate for a whole week, every year! LOL

Becky said...

UGH! I totally understand the Mom funk when it comes to writing on the blog. Sometimes it helps me when I think who I'm actually doing the blog for. ME! ;-)

Can't wait for swimming.

My birthday is the 21st! Happy Birthday to you!!! I am doing a giveaway. Maybe that will perk you up :-)

I am JEALOUS of your scrapbook time.

Esthermay said...

Love your narrative about the bird poo'p. Our Momma doesn't poop on the porch and babies aren't hatched yet. We do so look forward to this though. I stuck my camera up there this a.m. and it looks like we have one stillborn :(
.... You are braver than I with the piercing.
....envy your scrapbook time