Monday, May 18, 2009

colbys way too smart...

when asked "colby where do you want to go more than anywhere else in the whole world?" his response almost without fail is "chuck-e-cheeses!! where a kid can be a kid!!"
to get the same answer from me, you would have to ask, 'amy, wheres the last place you'd like to go eat pizza?' but, i guess you dont go to chuck-e-cheese for the pizza. you go to spend $50 in tokens so your kids can turn all their tickets in for a 'prize' that might be worth 10 cents, and will undoubtedly break before you get home.
at any rate, we've been to chuck-e-cheese 2 times ever. the first time we went 'just because'. colby had seen the commercial a few times and kept asking and asking so we finally took him. the other time was grammies treat to get the kids out of the house while daddy was out of town.
colby still asks frequently if we can please go to 'chuck-e-cheese, where a kid can be a kid', but we tell him chuck-e-cheese is a place to go for a special occasions. its one of those places thats best when you're celebration something.
i promise this is going somewhere.....
colby and molly spent the last part of last week at mimis house, with the main event being a campout in the backyard. lots of fun and eating of smores and watermelon from what i'm told.
mimi will be coming back to our house on thursday of this week for cousin justins graduation from UT on friday.

so, last night i'm putting colby to bed and we're talking about his time at mimis house and he gets a little choked up talking about how much he misses mim and wants to see her again. i reminded him that shes coming to our house in 4 days and was trying to get his mind on something else to stop the tears.
me: "hey! where do you want to take mimi when she comes to visit us? i'm sure we'll have some time to go do something fun with her."
colby: "lets take her to chuck-e-cheeses!! where a kid can be a kid!!!"
me: "well, colby, chuck-e-cheese is for celebrations."
colby: "i want to celebrate how much i love mimi." is he a little toot or what? i dont doubt his sincerity (with huge, wet, brown eyes to match), but how did he even come up with that?
not sure what will happen. mimis babysitting the kids thursday and friday nights so allen and i can go to a rehearsal and wedding, then friday day is the graduation and lunch beforehand. we'll have to see if we can squeeze a 'love celebration' somewhere in there.


Dawn said...

I'd say Chuck E. Cheese's is right up there with a trip to the ob/gyn - yep, I like it that much. Thankfully, we rarely went there (usually for someone else's party) and we're past that stage of life.

How sweet, though, that he wanted to share his favorite place with someone he loves so much. After all, he could have named any place and he chose what he deemed a very special treat!

On a rather mean streak: You could always leave some cash and the directions to CEC's and let your mom-in-law take the kids while you're out. I mean, that's a win/win/win solution really! Colby gets to go, he gets to share it with his grandma, and you don't have to go. Win/win/win!!! Bwahahahah!

sara said...

I was sooooo happy the day the kids out grew the desire to go to chuck e cheese!!! yikes, that is a parents nightmare!