Tuesday, May 5, 2009

all the homeless babies

we were on our way home from church on sunday and colby asks me from the backseat,
colby: "mommy, do we know any homeless babies?"
me: "i...don't...think...so." (what?)
colby: "well, do we know any homeless mommies?"
me: "i think everyone we know has a home, love." (what the heck is he talking about?)
colby: "ugh!! mommy, i'm supposed to collect money to give to all the homeless babies!!"
me: "what?"
then i look back at him and see him holding up the empty baby bottle and it all makes sense.

our church supports a crisis pregnancy center here in town called the agape pregnancy resource center. for the past few weeks we've been handing out empty baby bottles for people to bring back filled with money that will be donated to the agape ministry.
apparently colby took my moms bottle from her after church. i, however, was not aware of this, so was very confused, as you can imagine, at the questions he was asking about homeless babies.
my mom explained to him what the money would go to, but somewhere in all that he got the impression that they're homeless. in reality, most of the cases are low income single mothers, and agape provides them with maternity clothes, diapers, formula, and other 'baby supplies', as well as ministry and counseling.

i explained again what the arpc is, but he's still been telling people he's raising money for homeless babies. hes taken the bottle with him the past couple of days while we're out running errands so he can ask people for donations, and he's been wanting us to give him chores so he can earn money. it's been so cool to watch him work so hard for this. he has such a sweet little heart.


Audrey and Company said...

I love that kid, he truly does have a super sweet heart!

Dawn said...

Amy, that is so awesome! What a sensitive little heart. Make sure you give him the opportunity to be the one to return the bottle.