Thursday, May 28, 2009

one of those weeks

for the last few days molly has been acting...weird, not herself, unusual, odd, take your pick.
mainly shes been cranky and hasnt had much of an appetite. i thought maybe she was getting her 2 year molars, which i guess she very well could be, but neither of my kids had issues with teething so i dont even know what that would look like for them.

i guess technically it started on tuesday. monday is the usual grocery shopping day, but with it being memorial day we postponed it till tuesday morning.
i had both of the kids with me and they were in rare form. they were whining and arguing and messing with each other, and 'i want i want i want' the whole time.
drive. me. crazy.
at one point molly was being particularly whiny and colby looked at her in all seriousness and said, "you need to stop that cause its not gonna happen." you tell her, colby! i had to turn my head so they wouldnt see me laughing.
the whole rest of the day was just like that. when molly woke up from her nap she was in tears over how badly she 'needed' to ride the 4-wheeler. i didnt say no, i just told her we'd do it when it got a little bit cooler outside that evening. she sat in her room wailing for about 15 mintues.
the rest of that day was uneventful, but thats probably because my friend haley came over so it made the evening go by faster. (thanks, girl!)

wednesday was colbys end of the year program and party at school, so we went to that. the class went outside to play with sidewalk chalk and blow bubbles. molly managed to pour a whole bottle of bubble juice (liquid, soap, what is that stuff?) all over her arms and dress so allen had to take her in and de-soap her. when we came back in for lunch she wandered into another classrooms party without us realizing it so i freaked out a little bit until i found her a few minutes later (i knew she couldnt have gone far).
we came home, she took a nap. no problem.
i checked the mail while she was resting and had an invitation to a party that happened to be the next morning (that would be today. i should be getting ready instead of blogging.). not the senders fault. we hadnt checked our mail in many many many days. i called allen and told him i might be late to church because i had to do a last minute target run for a birthday present.
i got the kids dressed and molly wanted to go outside and blow bubbles in the backyard. i told her she could, and i left the door open so she could get back in if she needed to. i figured she'd spill some and get it on her dress, but i wasnt too concerned.
i went and got myself dressed, got my purse, keys, colby, then went out to get molly and go.
she had poured the entire (it was brand new, totally full) bottle of bubbles over her head.
me: "oh, molly! what did you do??"
molly: "i have bubbles." (rubbing her hand around on her sticky bubble head)
me: "why did you pour bubbles on your hair?"
molly: "cause i want to."
this is her answer for pretty much every 'why' question. its usually cute.
i took her in and stuck her head under the kitchen sink and washed the bubble soap out the best i could. she still smelled a little...bubbly. home. bed.
some of the college freshman that are home for the summer came over to play games around 9pm. we were sitting there chatting, waiting on everyone to get there, when i hear molly crying.
only its not coming from her room. shes very obvioulsly out of her room and getting closer.
freaked me out. theres nothing weirder than hearing your kid crying and having this sense of 'somethings not right' before you figure out whats going on.
i got up and she came around the corner crying hard and stuck her arms in the air for me to pick her up. i held her for a minute, checked to make sure she wasnt hurt, then went and put her back in her bed.

right after she turned 2, there were about 3 nights in a row where she would get out of her bed in the middle of the night and we'd hear her crying. she wasnt able to open doors yet, so we'd go to check on her, find her out of her bed, put her back in and shed go back to sleep. like i said, it only happened a few times and she hasnt done it since.

so last night, i put her back in her bed and figured that was the end of it. not 5 mintues later, here she comes again. i put her on my lap and let her sit there for awhile, then all the other people that were there started holding her and she had a cookie and started being all cute and stuff. so she stayed up.
allen got home from church and tried laying down with her in our bed. but she wanted me. after everyone went home i layed down with her, but she wanted daddy. so we both layed down with her, but that wasnt really working either. i put her back in her bed, and she was back in our room 10 minutes later. allen took her back to her room and somehow got her to stay. then she came in again a little before 7 this morning.

so shes going on about 6 hours of sleep when she usually gets 12. shes not going to make through the day without passing out from exhaustion.
or maybe that will be me.

.....we just got back from the birthday party and i had a horrible 'i feel like an idiot' moment.
the party (for a little boy in colbys mothers day out class) was at jungle java, which i've mentioned on here before. its a coffee shop/cafe with a huge indoor playscape. the only catch is it's $8 per kid. this 'aint' mcdonalds.
we walked in and i said
me:"we're here for the party."
man behind the counter: "who do you have with you?"
me: "colby and molly"
man behind the counter: "ok, i have colby. mollys not on the guest list. should she be?"
me: "um...i think so." (why wouldnt she be?)
we go in, take our shoes off, and the kids are off and running. then one of the java employees comes up to me and says
java girl: "ma'am, your daughter is not on the guest list so you'll have to pay for her."
my first thought is 'what?? why isnt she on the guest list? shes only two. of course i'm going to bring her with me. i cant just leave her at home. its a birthday party at 10am on a weekday. what are we supposed to do with younger siblings???'
so i paid for her.
i mentioned it to my friend who was there with her little boy, she was saying that once they start school, they invite friends from their class, and because thats the only way they know each other, theres no basis or reason really to invite any siblings. that made sense and i realized that if i had a party and invited friends from colbys class, i wouldnt expect their 3 siblings to show up too, because they're not friends with my kid.
in light of this reality check, i felt dumb and presumptuous.
we stayed and played for three hours, even after the party was over. the kids had a great time. molly didnt collapse from exhaustion, although i did see some pretty big yawns.
we got home and i put molly down for her nap.
you'll never guess what she did....ok, you probably will.
hopped the crib and came right back out.
i picked her up and without a word put her back in.
we did that i bet 10 times, then i thought to put one of those child safety covers on the doorknow inside her room beacuse she cant work them. at least, i though she couldnt......
5 more times.
i finally sat on the floor just inside her room till she fell asleep. i was just about to sneak out when colby starts crying from the living room because he cant find me. it wakes molly up. i get him situated and am back on the floor in mollys room.
i finally told her i was leaving and she hasnt come out again.

what do i do with this child????
i'm done.


Dawn said...

Some of these stages can be even more exhausting than the first few weeks at home with no sleep, can't they?!

I've got a couple ideas for you and I'll try to catch up with you on Sunday to chat. Or, you can call me before then if you fear you won't make it to Sunday. No guarantees, of course - but maybe one of our tricks will work for you.

Be blessed friend... it WILL pass, I promise!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, I am so sorry for you because i know the feeling of being at wit's end. You second guess every single thing you try. I, of course, have no good advice, esp. since I don't know Molly. bless her heart. Hang in there. Could be physical thing? Maybe ear infection? I dunno, but my heart goes out to you.

Pastora Debbie said...

I think your writing is very good. I felt like I was going through it with you.
Been through that with my three girls and now my grandchild. Believe it or not it will pass.