Tuesday, May 26, 2009

for the american idol fans

i am a self proclaimed american idol junkie. i've auditioned, i've watched every season, and i've gone to the 'idols on tour' concert for the last 4 seasons.
this season was no different other than it being my favorite season so far (on a side note: the finale??? shutUP!! the best ever hands down and kara dioguardi going head to head with bikini girl pretty much made my year). i was a huge danny gokey fan. i guess i shouldnt say was since i still am. he's awesome and i could listen to him sing all day. i was very sad when he got voted off, but the light at the end of the tunnel was kris allen. i liked him more and more as the season progressed. i really thought the top three would be adam (winning), danny (runner up), and allison (3rd), with kris being a distant 4th. thats not necessarily how i wanted it, but thats how i thought it would go down.

this season brought to light the amount of Christian contestants there have been over the years, i guess because there were quite a few this season. and not only Christians, but leaders in their church. kris and danny were both worship pastors at their respective churches and i think i read or heard somewhere that scott was too (i wonder if they'll go back to that at all...). i read several articles and saw interviews with the various contestants (jason castro, mandeesa, and chris sligh to name a few), talking about where their faith 'fits in' to the contest and how it affects (or doesnt affect) their decisions about their songs and performances, etc.

i was getting my haircut saturday and the girl doing my hair asked me if watched american idol. i of course said yes, so we started talking about the show and the results. come to find out her sister lives in arkansas and goes to church where kris allen leads [led] worship. her sister had told her that he has a great voice and its so cool to see him on t.v., but when he's leading worship and singing to the Lord its a whole different level of awesome, because hes totally in his element.
this morning i got an email from a friend of mine with a link to a video of kris singing "God in this City" 3 days after he claimed the title of american idol. in light of all the hype coming off season 8, it is good to see him in his element.

so what do you think? do you think it would be difficult to balance your faith with secular fame? wheres the line between being musically relevant and honoring your contract but being faithful to your beliefs and morals at the same time?
i'm curious to see how this plays out over the next several months.

and for the record, i already bought my tickets to the idols on tour concert in july.
cant wait!!!


Dawn said...

Our god daughter is in the music industry so I can tell you from her experiences that it is tough to be a Christ-follower in the business. She has said that the one thing she has "learned" is that she is only required to be responsible for her own choices rather than spending time passing judgement on the decisions, lifestyle, etc. of others. She has a very unique perspective, though, as her father died of aids. So, when faced with opposing views and "lifestyles" she is often told, "What do you know?" Well, it happens, she knows a lot more than most young Christian girls and it has opened many doors for her to witness.

Not something I like to have to face on a daily basis - that I know for sure!

Sara@i.Sass said...

This post made me laugh...already got my tickets.
I saw Clay and Kelly in concert a few years back. It was okay. Kelly was more Rocker, and Clay well, laid back. So to go from one set to the next was hard, the mood was already set, then whamo you had to change. Anyway, I'd love to see the show, but concert tickets are NOT in the budget. I can't remember the last time I got to go see one. If it isn't free...we don't see. Huge bummer.
So I'll be looking forward to your review okay?
I loved this season. I liked that we were able to see more of the good singers and connect with them longer. I too loved Danny, but I also liked Kris. And Adam, just for entertainment value. Kara bugs me, but it was cool to see her take on Binkini girl, oh man that was AWESOME.
I think it's going to be a tough road for Kris, BUT his heart is in the RIGHT hands.

Janell said...

I got the same e-mail this morning!! I thought the video was amazing, and to watch him worshipping like that was very special to watch.
As far as the other stuff goes, I think it is vital for Christians to be present in the secular/mainstream industry, but I can't even imagine how hard it must be for them. I think accountability is the key...surrounding yourself with people who will encourage you spiritually and hold you to a high moral standard. Just like in my own life - when I am being filled and challenged and spending lots of time in the Word, it is much easier to take a stand against the enemy. I think someone in an industry like the American mainstream music industry would have to work at it really hard, but what an opportunity to be a light in the darkness.

I am definitely rooting for Kris to find that balance and reach people for the Lord in the process. When I was watching the "God of this City" video, I just kept thinking that Hollywood better get ready...greater things are still to be done in this city!

sara said...

tickets are sold out in AR...no surprise and going for $400 on ebay...guess I won't be going! :(

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Wait ... you auditioned? What was that like?

I, too, was a huge Danny Gokey fan and after he got voted off, i didn't care to see the finale. I was that upset. I actually cried. I'm such a baby.

I do like Kris and am definitely glad Adam didn't win. Yes, he could sing, but he was starting to annoy me with his whole tongue thing.

It will be very interesting to see how his career plays out. I hope he doesn't compromise his faith for fame. I'm sure it will be hard.

Cori B said...

Hey Girl! I loved this season too! I like Adam best at first, but then Kris grew on me more and more :) I think Idol is crazy for not accepting you :) Thank you so much for giving the link to the video! He is so great! Love ya Amy!