Saturday, May 2, 2009

project 365, week 18

may is here!! i cant believe the year is almost halfway over!
i'm doing my very first giveaway in honor of my one year blog anniversary. i probably announced it a bit prematurely, but i'm so excited! click here to get details and enter!!

i'm sure you've heard about the swine flu pandemic. some schools have closed down here and all school extracurriculars have been cancelled (sports activities, concerts, etc.)
maybe i should be more worried, but i'm just not. the fear, or lack thereof, of this flu has not caused me to change anything in my daily routine. what about you? do you think its more media hype than anything else, or do you get concerned when you hear about these sorts of things?

heres our week...

SUNDAY, april 26th
we went to which wich for dinner and let the kids play on the playscape outside afterwards. they love playing hide and seek. molly always skips 4 when she counts.

MONDAY, april 27th
we went to dinner with some friends. colby ordered salad as his side and actually ate some of it!

TUESDAY, april 28th
i LOVE homemade guacamole, and make it at least once a week when they're in season. it's kind of become our 'monday night thing' to have quesedillas and guac for dinner, but since we went out monday night, we had it for lunch on tuesday. YUM!!!

WEDNESDAY, april 29th
my mom offered to pick colby up from mdo, so molly and i had some extra time after i worked out and showered to 'go play' before grammie and colby got back home. we went to the outlet mall, old navy, and hobby lobby. she wanted pizza but the subway at the outlet doesnt have the personal pizzas, so we had to go with plan b; the giant slice of 'mall pizza'. i'm not even kidding when i tell you she ate the whole slice!! look at that thing; its bigger than her head!

THURSDAY, april 30th
why am i even posting this picture?!? its the only one i took on thursday, so unfortunately i dont have a choice. my husbands head is on the left. our friend matts head is on the right. allen wanted to put their heads together and see if it looked like, well you can probably guess.
and of course i was right there with my camera. charming, yes?

FRIDAY, may 1st

its may! hooray! we saw a turkey vulture down in the drainage ditch next to our house, so we went down to investigate (i.e. look for a dead animal). we didnt find anything, and we scared the bird away. while we were down there the kids wanted to play in the water. i'm sure its not terribly sanitary, but i assure you they were scrubbed with soap immediately afterward. :)

SATURDAY, may 2nd

i cant remember the last time i cleaned my house all at the same time; its been months. i usually only get to do one thing at a time, so the house is never all clean. i spent 5 hours today cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. hard work but it is sooo nice to know my house is immaculate! i could eat off my floors...and i'm sure at least one of my kids will tomorrow. :)

have a fantastic week and dont forget to enter the giveaway!!


Dena said...

Great pictures! Your daughters expression when eating the pizza is priceless. LOL Oh, and the "cheeks" shot...we have some of those at my house too. :)

LuAnn said...

I love the new picture at the top of your blog - Too cool!!!
I also enjoy the pizza shot.
Blessing this week!

sara said...

this was a great week!!!

of course I LOVE guacamole! I made it this week too.

the picture of your daughter and the pizza is funny. I think you should enter that in one of the Parade Magazine photo contests!!

and the "cheek" shot...cheeky!! :)

Lisa said...

What a fun week! I really like the new header, too.

Aren't those times with one child so much fun? I say yay for May, too.

Not even a little bit worried about the Swine Flu that has killed 1. The regular flu that kills 35,000-40,000 each year? Not worried about that either.

What do you do for your workouts?

TCKK said...

Great pictures and I love hearing about your week. Your kids are so cute!

rita said...

I'm only worried for my friends in Mexico who cannot work right now, but even there the number of deaths is much lower than reported.

We love the guac too!

Molly needed the carbs to keep up her dancing/spinning! too cute!

Read about your giveaway, still thinking, although I was encouraged when you mentioned grandkids. We're getting another this year!

Have a fun week, you cheeky thing ;)!

Kim said...

That photo of Molly eating pizza -- priceless! You can use that when the boys start coming it to them and say, "Listen, you can't afford to take our daughter out. Look how much she eats!" hahahaha

Nise' said...

That mall pizza looks yummy. I have not had it in a long time.

tiffany said...

Love the pizza pic!
And that guac looks YUMMY! Great pics this week. :o)

Audrey and Company said...

Your new picture on your blog header is awesome. Glad to know I am not the only mom who cannot seem to manage to clean the entire house in one afternoon. :)