Saturday, May 23, 2009

project 365, week 21

happy week 21!!!
first of all, please please enter my giveaway!! i will announce the winner on friday the 29th, my 1 year blogiversary. :)
this was a pretty fun week. colby and molly came back from mimis on sunday afternoon and then mimi came to our house on thursday to see allens cousin graduate from UT friday afternoon. we had a wedding rehearsal thursday night and the wedding friday night, so she was able to watch the kids while we were at those two events as well. lots of dressing up this week, more or less. here we go....

SUNDAY, may 17th
after church i took the kids to my moms house to see grammie. colby fell asleep on the way home from her house, about 5 o'clock that evening. i guess a few days at mimis will wear even the best out!!

MONDAY, may 18th
theres nothing like grocery day, when everythings fresh. the grapes were really yummy this week; the kids plowed through them!

TUESDAY, may 19th
my 10 year high school reunion is a month away. wow! i finally paid the fee on tuesday.

WEDNESDAY, may 20th
our baby birds have grown and fluffed up quite a bit in the last week. i expect them to fly away any day now. they really are super cute, poop and all.

THURSDAY, may 21st
i took mimi and the kids to tokyo steakhouse for lunch. its a hibachi grill where they cook the food right there in front of you. the kids really enjoy it and mimi had never been to anything like that before, so she had a lot of fun too.

FRIDAY, may 22nd
the wedding we attended (allen actually officiated it) was at an event center in austin. it has a beautiful view of the lake and the ceremony was of course terrific! ;-)

SATURDAY, may 23rd
i bought the kids a pool at walmart on thursday afternoon and they've gone swimming every day since. today was no different.

have a fantastic week!! the Lord is blessing us with a lot of rain over the next couple of days. if you're getting it too, enjoy it! i think we're supposed to dry up before memorial day, so we'll still be able to cook out and swim (some more).
until next time.....


Elizabeth said...

what cute little birds!

KALDesign said...

I love how you took Colby's picture in the rear view mirror. Creative thinking.

sara said...

it always amazes me what positions kids can sleep in!!!! that is a great picture!!

We have baby birds too!! so sweet!

my neighbor's grandson actually came and swam in our pool this week....way too cold for me but he loved it!!!

It is raining right now here...I am hoping it stops by tomorrow when I have to drive to Dallas!

Dena said...

I love the sleeping position photo. Too cute!
Grapes have always been a big hit in our house also.
I miss the small swimming pool days. Such fun times.
Great pictures!!

Esthermay said...

Sunday: That’s HILARIOUS!!!

Our kids love grapes too! They try to fit them into their noses. :-o
. . . on the baby bird front: Yours definitely look plumped up. We have two baby robins from the original four eggs -- I have to chase a crazy squirrel off our grapevine wreath constantly! He got two of ‘em Ours hatched this last week are just doing the “FEEd Me. Here’s my MoUTH!” thing

WOW that steakhouse meal looks GRAND!

Liz said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

I know...I love eating fruit the day I go to the store...yummy.

I can't believe how much those birds grew in a week or

What a beautiful spot for a wedding! Hope you got some good food. :)

Kim said...

Colby conked out cracked me up :-) Those little guys just go til they drop! The bird photo is so cool. What a beautiful place for a wedding. All your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your week!

Rachael. said...

I'm cracking up @ the photo of the baby asleep in the car seat! How funny!