Saturday, May 9, 2009

project 365, week 19...and one of the best days ever

i spent the day with one of my most favorite people in the world, casey. my amazingly wonderful husband let me have the whole day off to go do whatever, and boy did we!
we started off with breakfast at kerbey lane cafe (a really big deal in austin, but having lived here for 15 years, i'd never managed to eat there). i ate the best breakfast i've ever had without question. eggs francisco and gingerbread pancakes.
then i got my nose pierced. yes, you read correctly.
i had it done about 4 years ago, but it fell out in the process of my doing Beauty & the Beast, and i never had it redone. so today was the day. it hurt. i love it.
this is me before my piercing. i was nervous.
and the after! its pretty teeny.
then we went to petticoat fair, another place casey insisted i needed to make a part of my life.
its basically a lingerie store, with their focus being on finding the perfect bra fit. i wont go into details, but let me just say WHAT? my life has officially changed for the better. and so has my bra size. here we are waiting for my fitting at petticoat fair. i love that you can see the sexy mannequin behind us.
then we went dress shopping. we have 3 outdoor weddings to go to in the next couple of months and i really wanted something summery (is that a word) and breezy to wear. i got two and was going to let allen decide which one to keep but he told me i can keep both of them!! woo hoo!
after that we went to ztejas for dinner; my favorite restaraunt in the whole world. their tortilla soup will change your life. ok, so thats a bit of an exaggeration, but its really good. casey hadnt ever been so it was fun for me to order for her like she did for me at breakfast.
after a fun filled day of shopping and eating (2 of my very favorite things to do), i came home to my wonderful husband and kids who spent the day together and had a great time as well!
now we're going to curl up together on the loveseat and catch up on some of our dvr'd shows. what a great day!!

project 365.....

SUNDAY, may 3rd
we got a letter sent home in colbys backpack last week that hes supposed to dress as a fish for his end of the year mothers day out program. he has a giant fish pillow, so i gutted it and cut head and arm holes. instant fish costume.

MONDAY, may 4th
colby and i had am impromptu photo shoot during mollys nap. we got some pretty funny shots, but i thought this one was cute.

TUESDAY, may 5th
molly was playing outside teusday and got into an ant bed. she got about 20 bites on her right foot. i felt so bad for her. i doped her up with benadryl and put her down for a nap. by the time she woke up she had mostly recovered. the caladryl was a good friend for a few days. i should have taken a picture of her foot right after it happened, but my brain was on my baby girl feeling better.

WEDNESDAY, may 6th
this is casey and i watching american idol late wednesday night after church and my kids' bedtime. we dont look very lovely, but i needed a picture for the day.

THURSDAY, may 7th
i noticed today that our tomato plant is actually growing tomatoes! i cant believe it!! hopefully they'll get big and red and we'll be able to slice them up and eat them on a sandwich!

FRIDAY, may 8th
we went to the round rock express baseball game (they're the triple a team for the houston astros). some friends of ours (he's the 'voice of the express' which means he announces the games) were having their little boys 1st bday party in the owners suite so we watched most of the game from up there. we also got to hear my dads quartet sing the national anthem before the game. i recorded it, so hoepfully i can post it in the next day or so. they did awesome!

SATURDAY, may 9th
the original kerbey lane cafe. on kerby lane. in austin. YUM-O! serves the best breakfast ever.
have a blessed week and happy mothers day!!!
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sara said...

Ok, I have always wanted a tattoo..if I were younger I would so get one. actually, that's not the truth, I would have one now if I weren't more afraid of the PAIN!!

Love the piercing! it looks great on you!

the fish costume....awesome!!

great week!

Happy Mother's Day!

Casey said...

Dude, I still can't get over how great that day was. And that chicken tortilla soup definitely WILL change your life. It changed mine!

Kim said...

So happy you enjoyed such a great day (and week!). Hope Molly has fully recovered from her close encounter with the ants. Ouch! We had army ants in Uganda that could cause some serious pain. The description of your breakfast is making me hungry and I just ate :-)

Have a great week and Happy Mother's Day!

Dawn said...

What a really super lovely week you've had. And kudos to Alan for being smart enough to know the perfect gift: a girl's day with dining and shopping. It just doesn't get much better than that does, it?

You'll have to tell me about the lingerie store sometime - I've always wanted to do a "professional" fitting. I've heard it makes all the difference in the world.

Hope your mother's day is extra special! Blessings!

Nise' said...

I need to find a store that knows how to properly fit a bra!

TCKK said...

I love the fish costume!!

LuAnn said...

Good for you on the nose piercing.
My daughter got that done last fall.
Cracks me up how she gets it in and out.

Love the Fish!!!
Happy Mother's Day

Elizabeth said...

thanks for visiting my blog and commenting... i have to say your week sounds like it was filled with lots of fun! Cute fish costume, very creative!

Lisa said...

I would pierce my nose if I were more looks so cute on you.

Sounds like you had THE mother's day! Your husband knows how to score big points!

Amy said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm glad you decided to get your nose re-pierced! I get so many compliments on mine! My neighbor liked it so much she went and had her's done the other day!

It sounds like your day was devine!

tiffany said...

Love the piercing, looks great!!
And that fish costume, classic. lol What a great bunch of pictures this week.

rita said...

You are wonderfully blessed with great family and friend, and now perfect bra! Can't beat that! ;)