Saturday, January 24, 2009

and then there were 9

we have 5 new family members. their names, oddly enough, are mommy, daddy, molly, colby, and shane. shane, because he's the guy responsible for our new pets.
ok, you wanna see them? do ya? do ya?
here they are on the ride home.

can you tell what they are? here's one close up just in case.....

AAAHHHHH!!!!! hissing cockroaches! what was i thinking?!?!? i think maybe my brain shut down or i left my body and someone else took over for an hour or so. or maybe i'm just a really cool mom. :) we'll go with that.
that is my hand in the above picture. i was the first in the fmaily to hold one. i ain't skeered.
i had to make sure i could do it before i consented to having them in the house. i needed to know i would be able to clean the cage and catch the escapees that we'll no doubt have at some point, because that would happen to me.
we also held a milk snake, a banded king snake, a ball python, and a red tail boa. a friend of ours keeps all these at his house and invited us over to "play" with them. we thought colby would love it so we jumped at the chance. i think allen and i had more fun than colby did. he wasn't to keen on holding any of them other than a baby snake, and that lasted about 10 seconds. molly almost immediately went upstairs to "play kitchen". that's my girl.
nevertheless we are the proud new owners of 5 hissing cockroaches, and one of them is named after me...kind of. who knew?
parenting is causing me, pushing me, even allowing me, to do things i never, ever thought i would do. EVER.
i think i like it.


Amy said...

Ok, so my skin in CRAWLING! You are one brave Mama!

Be Blessed,

Amy (Honestly)

LuAnn said...

You are better mom than me. Snakes creep me out. I couldn't even look at your pictures. Have fun with your new pets though!!

KALDesign said...

okay....this is something new for me. Cockroaches were something that I killed, not kept as pets. You are a cool mom. I thought I was a cool mom, but you've got me beat by miles.

sara said...

ok, I'm going to go with CRAZY. I live in the south...I take extra measures to NOT have cockroaches in my house........but you HELD one.....I think you should be on that show Fear Factor!!!!

couldn't you convince them to get a fish? :)

Julie said...

THANKS for being such an AWESOME Mom! That is 5 less cockroaches in my house!!!! I never EVER pictured myself living with so many weird critters! But Hubby takes care of them, so I live with it... I had fun playing with Molly, until Colby came up and "rainbow furby" was the hot commodity! Oh well, it was still a lot of fun. Thanks for coming over!

christi28 said...

girl, all i can say is that you are CRAZY!! no way man, no way!

Coach Mom said...

I'm glad you told me that these were pets before I came over to your house. I might have tried to kill one! I have three boys and even they didn't talk me into cockroaches! Yuck!

Dawn said...

Ummmm.... NO.

And I need to know who owns these critters so that I don't ever visit them.

I'm just not that cool of a mom and I'll make no apologies for it.

Casey said...

Yeah, wow. Everyone else has pretty much covered it. I'm thinking that my kids are going to have a tough enough time talking me into something normal, like a dog. Cockroaches? That's when I pack my bags and the kids get to come visit mommy at the nice hotel. You rock.

Uncommon Blonde said...

I can't imagine something I am more afraid of - seriously. I would freak out just being in the same house with these. What were you thinking?!?