Sunday, January 4, 2009

365 project, jan 1-4

i'm attempting to commit to the 365 project, which is where you take 1 picture each day of the year. on sundays you post your pictures from the week. anything goes, from what you had to breakfast to what book you're reding to a cute picture of your kid in the bathtub. its a great idea and i hope i can keep it up. i already know i'm going to miss a few days. like wednesday when allen takes my camera with him to NC to watch Duke play (he's beside himself excited about that, by the way!!!). unless i post one of his pictures from that day....hmm......
anyway, so here are my first 4 pictures of 2009.

JAN 1, 2009
my new chronological bible. i'm ahead of schedule. i love it. sorry the pic is sideways. its late and i dont feel like changing it.

JAN 2, 2009
this is a shirt i bought on friday at a place here in town kinda like goodwill. $3.

JAN 3, 2009
colby decided we needed a centerpiece, so he put one together on the side table next to the couch. its not very aesthetic.

JAN 4, 2009
this is the game we played on NYE. we played it again tonight, but the group was too big to really enjoy it. still a fun game, though.


sara said...

maybe you could get a disposable for those times when you have to "share" your camera!!!

I going to get one of those bibles today!

Liz said...

This is a great idea! I have never heard of this kind of thing before! I wish i had the time to do could be fun to look back at the end of 2009 and see all the pics. I will look forward every Sunday to see your week of pics! Awesome about your Chronological Bible...I am reading through the Bible also, but I am following a different format.

Hope you have a great week Amy!

Liz said...
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KALDesign said...

Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook magazine has something like this suggested too. Only they are suggesting doing a journal and writing something about each picture. I was going to do that, have the pictures taken, but doing it on the blog seems so much easier.

Audrey and Company said...

What a fabulous idea!