Friday, January 16, 2009

the mating habits of seahorses, and other things a 4-year-old shouldn't know

colby has a girlfriend. they're both in agreement about it, so it's definitely official. she's precious and beautiful and has a great family. yes this is important, even at 4.
when i picked him up from school on wednesday his teacher, ms brandy, said,
ms brandy:"do you know that colbys going to marry rebecca?"
me: "oh, really? so they've progressed to marriage now?"
ms brandy: "apparently. he told the whole class today that they're getting married."
at this i walked over to rebecca, who hadn't been picked up yet and asked,
me: "rebecca are you going to marry colby?"
rebecca: "YES!! cause he's my boyfrieeend!"
however, i never see them playing together at church or at school. they might occasionally sit next to each other at snack time, but thats all i've seen. i told her mom the other day that we need to schedule a playdate becuase colby keeps asking when he can go to rebecca's house. then i commented that it might not turn out so great. if they actually get one on one time together they might figure out that he's a stinky boy and she's a girly girl and they really don't want to play together. then sara said,
sara: "this might be the real thing. i don't think i've ever seen devotion like this. look at him."
i looked at colby at he was grinning like i'd never seen, this sappy puppy love grin at rebecca.
no wedding plans are being made yet, but they'd be great in-laws.
i started asking some questions when we got in the car.
me: "colby, why do you like rebecca so much? what is it about her?"
colby: "i don't know."
me: "do you play together at church and school? or does she just play with the girls?"
colby: "she plays with me and the girls."
me: "ok, cause i've never seen ya'll play together."
colby: "well, we do. i like her because she's so silly."
me: "oh, so you like a good sense of humor in a woman?"
colby: "whats a sense of humor?"
me: "it means you can laugh and joke around at things. its good to have."
colby: "yeah, she has a good senser hooner."
me: "sense of humor."
colby: "rebeccas going to be the mommy and i'm going to be the daddy."
me: "oh?"
colby: "yeah, and i'm going to have the babies."
me: "colby, mommies have babies, not daddies."
colby: "why?"
me: "because thats how God made us."
colby: "but daddy seahorses have babies. the mommy gives the eggs to the daddy and then he gives birth to them out of his tummy."
me: "well, yes thats true (and so it is. my son knows so much more about 'sea animals' than any normal person should ever know.) but we're not seahorses.
colby: "i wish we were all like seahorses so daddies could have the babies!"
me: "you and me both, kid."


sara said...

that is so cute!!!

My Alyssa had a best boy friend at school in Kindergarten. They played at school together and talked all the time about playing after school. We finally got them together at his house and it never happened again! ...alyssa spent all her time playing with his baby sister...she was taken with her....he did not think it was cute OR fun!!! :)

Nel said...

This is sooo cute! Kids are so innocent and so real! I would make sure I keep this to share with him when he is about 21.

LuAnn said...

That is very cute. I wish Philip was 4 again instead of 15. He has a girl who is his "girlfriend". A great christian girl he met at his school with a great family. But let me tell you it is awful hard to see her starring into my babies eyes. My husband keeps reminding his not a baby but he will always be my baby.

KALDesign said...

How cute. But they do grow up way too fast, don't they?

Janell said...

That is funny about the song - I didn't know that he said "lyrical ganster" until I looked it up to put it on my blog. :-)
The Colby/Becca conversation made me crack up!! I will make sure Sara takes a look at it.
Have a great weekend!

BrandyJ-jeremiah29:11 said...

Once again, my heart is overwhelmed with love for this little boy!!! Man, you have great kids... and I will keep my eye out to see what interaction is taking place with Becca and Colby in class. (:
I will report back on Wednesday!