Tuesday, January 13, 2009

mom injuries

is there such a thing as a mom injury?

there are sports injuries:
"hey why are you limping?"
"aw, it's an old sports injury. i was on the wrong end of a tackle."

there are work injuries:
"hey why are you limping?"
"it's a work injury. i got nailed in the knee with a hammer." no pun intended.

are there mom injuries?
"hey why are you limping?"
"i ran into the bathroom stepstool at a really weird angle."

seriously. that stepstool was right where it always is and i walked right into it. my ankle(ish) has been aching ever since. you know that spot that sinks in right below the ankle bone on the outside? after about 12 pictures, none of them very good (i have winter feet), i decided no one really wants to see a picture of my foot. except maybe some sicko. hey sicko, you're not invited. there's not really anything to see. no swelling or bruising. but man it hurts.
if i wasnt a mom there wouldnt be a stepstool in the bathroom. i might have been, like, 'cool aunt amy who has a stepstool' except i'm an only child so theres no hope of neices or nephews from my side. allens only brother, who does have a daughter, lives all the way up in canada (eh?), so its not like shes over here hanging out all the time, needing a stepstool.
so its definitely a mom injury. has anyone else experienced this?
is that covered by my insurance? moms comp?
what am i even talking about?
i must be delirious from the pain.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oy veh. When you're old, da mama injuries? Dey are of da heart, not da ankle. I have no idea why I just said that.

christi28 said...

i have SO had mom injuries! how about this one....

screaming 2 year old kicks you in the face while trying to change a dirty diaper and having your nose be sore for days!!!!

Dawn said...

Boy, have I had a list of mom injuries. Most are not covered by insurance but they should get you a dinner out (even if it's a cheap one!) if you whine enough, make pitiful faces and exhale deep sighs as you rub the offened spot.

Hope it feels better soon!

TCKK said...

Moms Comp? You crack me up!

Amy said...

I slipped and fell on a puddle of melting snow in my laundry room this past weekend. . .I couldn't sleep on my right hip for days! Mom injury. . .I think so!

You always bring a smile to my face!

I gave you an award on my blog. . .check it out!

Be Blessed!

Amy (Honestly)