Sunday, January 18, 2009

project 365, jan 12-18...and colby's conversation w/God

before my pictures i have to share our lunch story. we went to which wich (of course) after church with my parents and the lamberts, 9 people total. which wich is small, the tables are bolted to the floor (i guess so people like us can't show up and take over), and the largest table seats 8 somewhat uncomfortably, so we went outside. it was a very pretty day, high 70's, but the wind was ridiculous. the paper towels and bags (this is a super fancy place, yes?) were blowing everywhere and i heard colby say, "God, can you please make the wind stop?!? i'm trying to eat my lunch!!" we laughed and kept eating. i was choking down a little bit of pride that he knew who to ask about that pesky wind. a few minutes later he said, "God said no. there's more wind coming this way." love it!

ok, on to the main event....

MONDAY, Jan 12th
for project 365 i'm trying not to take a bunch of pictures of my family (specifically my adorable kids, because lets face it, i could totally go that route and be perfectly happy). i want to broaden my horizons, of you will, and think outside the box a little bit. however, over the weekend my granparents on my dads side came into town (we only see them a few times a year) and they came over monday night along with my other grandparents and my parents as well. i can't remember the last time we were all together. allen wanted a picture of all the ladies, so this is my picture from monday. my dads mom is on the left and my moms mom is immediately to my right, with my mom next to her. molly is of course in my lap. 4 generations!

TUESDAY, Jan 13th
colby and i spent quite a bit of time working through some of his "schoolbooks" on tuesday. he's got all the short vowel sounds down and loves all the worksheets. handwriting...not so much yet.

colby decided he wanted to plant an apple tree so we can have our very own apples. after much explanation that 'just because you plant a seed doesnt mean it will grow, and even if a tree grows that doesnt mean it will grow apples', i finally let him have his fun. he's commented every day about our tree not growing yet.

THURSDAY, Jan 15th
bible study started thursday morning. we're doing the new beth moore study on esther. this one is supposed to be more young mom and working woman friendly. so theres only 3 pages of homework instead of 5 or 6. :)

FRIDAY, Jan 16th
dinner friday night was grilled chicken salad. i put the kids' salad on their plate in sections and let them eat it however they see fit. this is what colby decided to do with his.

SATURDAY, Jan 17th
i had an audition at the theatre saturday afternoon for Grease. the last show i did was CATS over a year ago, so i'm hoping this turns out well. i'm missing it. i'll keep ya'll posted.

SUNDAY, Jan 18th

yes, these are molly's feet. i don't know why i took this picture. i just thought it was cute. she was eating her cereal before church this morning. this is how she always sits when she eats.


LuAnn said...

I love your family picture. All the pictures were great but there is something about those family pics. Priceless! Have a great week.

Kristy said...

I laughed out loud when I saw the olives. Oh does that ever bring back memories from my childhood -- I mean last Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping by "Yellow House". Hope to see you again.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

My fav pics of the week yet! Love the feet and the olive hands. They look like reptilian suction cups! Grease? Really?! You've GOT to keep us posted. I want details.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Sweet pics this week...I also especially like the one of her feet. Very artistic!

Oh, and it's my experience that with boys, the handwriting is one of those "not so much" subjects for -like- ever. :-) I have three of them.

So many are doing the Esther study. I can't wait to do it too!

sara said...

my kids always put the olives on their fingers!!! love that picture!

My daughter wanted to plant cheerios one year, she thought it would grow donuts!!

Dena said...

Great pictures! My kids tried planting apple trees every year, and somehow, this past year some squash grew behind our house. I can only say "miracle" because that's something we have never planted.

Janell said...

I have to tell you that I had never heard of Which Wich until I saw it on your blog the other day. So I tried it on Saturday, and it was fabulous!! Thanks for the tip. Plus those bags are really easy to stick in your purse and take to the movie theater (not that I did that). :-)

Lisa said...

Sounds like there is lots of fun learning going on at your house.

Yes, I'd love to do the Esther study!

Gem said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting over at my blog. I love your posts - very funny! I will be back. Molly sounds like such a character and she has very cute feet!

Michelle said...

Thanks for your comment! We do live near Round Rock and we are looking to move closer. I would love to find out about your church and such. Would you mind emailing me?
Oh, and you have a fabulous blog!