Thursday, January 22, 2009

the water bottle of mass destruction revisited

we got home from bible study this morning and the kids wanted to play outside. its a beautiful day, about 75 degrees, sunny with a breeze, awesome! we had lunch, PB&J, and the kids went out in the front yard while i sat just inside the open front door in the entryway and organized bill stubs and tax stuff. fun. almost immediately they asked for their water bottles. you know, the ones they're supposed to drink out of but prefer to dump the contents therein all over the yard, or the carpet and window sills and my bible in mollys case (you've heard this already). i filled them to the top and handed them over. filled them again. and again. and again. this went on and on about every 2 or 3 mintues for half an hour. i was feeling particularly patient i guess. then colby comes in and says, "mommy, mollys watering herself!!" i looked up and sure enough, there she stood in the corner of the yard, dumping her water right over the top of her head and down her front. she came in dripping, and i took this video. she was so proud of herself.

...i cant get the video to post, so here's the link if you really want to see it...

on another note, colby's been wanting to be with me all the time. his words. he's my little shadow. it has its moment of sweetness, but then there are times when i want to, oh i dont know, go to the bathroom or take a shower. then molly joins in becuase wherever he is, thats where she wants to be. i had to send molly to timeout from the toilet the other day. its not like i was camping out there or anything. it was a quick trip (this is way too much info. i'm really sorry about that), but in the few seconds i was sitting there, they got in a fight. colby irritated her and she hit him in the face, so i sent her to time out...from the toilet.

is this normal? is this what my life has come to? am i the only mother out there who can't even pee in peace? anyone? bueller?


KALDesign said...

No you are not alone. I am a "nanee" as Drake now calls me, and somedays I have both he and Adler hanging on my legs while I am trying to pee. Somedays I just try to wait until Mike gets home so I can use the bathroom in peace. Who would have thought at 55, I would still have to share my potty time. Now don't get me wrong. I love these little guys, but it is not fun when they are trying to hand me toilet paper, or unrolling the roll. LOL

Liz said...

Timmy is the same way. He will SCREAM and CRY whenever I leave him at the table eating his breakfast so that I can go and use the bathroom. I have to leave the bathroom door open and talk to him the whole time. Crazy kids.

sara said...

No you are a mommy! And a very good one! I have all the privacy I need now, sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I had those clingy little kiddos back! :)

Loved the video!!! But the good news is that she did it outside!!!

Amy said...

I usually have my youngest (3) and the dog in the bathroom when I go. . .Nothing like a dog sniffing your behind when trying to pee!

I had a hard time getting past the part where you said it was 75. . .today is going to MAYBE make it to 32 here in Mighigan!

Be Blessed,

Amy (Honestly)

Dawn said...

No you're not alone. B has stopped the annoying habit. (Good thing since he's almost 16, right?) But, just recently, Kat has decided that she needs to sit in the bathroom and chat with me - whether I'm putting on makeup, showering, bathing or "sitting." Given her age, I just suck it up and appreciate that she wants to have a conversation with me. Maybe by the time I'm 50 I'll actually get to experience time in the bathroom... alone.


Courtney said...

I haven't peed by myself for 12 years -- until I went back to work this year. (I guess that's an upside to working :)