Sunday, January 11, 2009

week in pictures jan 5-11, and a mojo story

first of all, i think i'm posting my pictures differently than the other people that are doing this. i'm posting monday to sunday instead of sunday to saturday. i dont guess it matters much.
before i post my pictures, i have to tell ya'll what molly has been doing, and saturday's picture goes along with the story. i bought 2 sport top water bottles for the kids at CVS a week or so ago. it was one of those 'i have 15 minutes to kill while my pictures are being developed' purchases. i don't know about you, but i purchase that most random stuff when i have to kill time in a drug store. i also came home with a lint roller and some head bands, both of which i've been using, thankyouverymuch. anyway, so i busted out the new water bottles on wednesday (i think) and i found molly pouring hers out all over the dining room carpet, and rubbing it in.
me: "molly! what are you doing??"
molly: "i'm waterin the flowers, mommy."
me: "baby, we don't do that in the house. flowers don't grow on the carpet."
molly: "why?"
me: "well, because they grow outside in the dirt."
molly: "i want to go outside."
so we went outside and i refilled both of their water bottles about 5 times before i got tired of it and it started to get dark.
then saturday she asked for her water bottle again. this time i told her not to water the carpet, only to drink the water out of it, and for good measure i only filled it about 1/3 full. she's a defiant little toot, and i didn't trust her.
she came into the playroom not 5 minutes later with an empty water bottle. no way she drank it that fast.
me: "molly did you water the carpet again?"
molly: [nod]
me: "show me where."
she led me to the dining room, and the water was all over the window sills and my bible and quiet time book and journal (which i keep on the window sill because i do my q.t. on the floor in the dining room), and a few of the dining chairs. apparently, water spreads.
she was sent to time out without much repentence, mind you, and her water bottle has been put away indefinately.
and so it goes that molly will be coming around to blogville a little more frequently, which may be a good thing for you , the reader, but not so much for me, the mom and housekeeper.
my rental car. the burban has been in the shop since last saturday with a broken door (don't ask). i'm hoping to get it back this week. in the meantime i'm sportin a PT Cruiser. its actually been kinda fun, although i feel a bit flashy in a somewhat sparkly, bright blue car.

as a posted earlier in the week, allen was at Duke University in north carolina tuesday thru thursday, and my camera went with him. this is the sign on the wall outside cameron indoor stadium (where the blue devils play basketball).

the clock tower. great picture! good job, babe.

this is where students line up to get into the games, usually starting that morning. the tents, however, are people in line to get tickets for the DUKE/UNC game. some of them have been there for more than a week, and the games not even till feb 11th!! ridiculous.

i LOVE this place!! i ate there 4 times this week. they make the best sandwiches!! i especially love the BLT with avocado. yum!!!

the water bottle of mass destruction

SUNDAY, JAN 11ththis is my valentines tree. i love it!! a friend of mine did one in her house and i got her permission to copy her idea. not only did she tell me i could copy, but she gave me the rest of her ornaments for my own tree! thanks stephanie!!!


sara said...

love the story! Those are times that bring frustration at the moment but that you will laugh about and fondly remember in years to come!!!

Love your pics and tell your hubby he did great!

LuAnn said...

Funny story. My husband is a huge college basketball fan. Love the Duke pictures.

Sara@I.Sass said...

Nice to meet you. I'm sorry but I laughed at your story. I have a sneaky little boy...he's 4 and I must hide every and all markers. And Baby powder.
So your Husband's a Duke fan I gather. Mine is a Gator fan. Men are crazy when it comes to sports and "their" teams. Makes for good blog stories too! ;)
I have a blog just for the 365 or my regular blog is:

Kim said...

Kids antics make for great blog fodder! Sending the camera with hubby was a great idea. I'll have to keep that in mind :-)

Dena said...

aawww your story definitely brought back memories from when my kids were younger.
Great pictures!!

Jessi said...

Visiting from Sara's...I LOVE the story. I, too, have littles and this sounds *exactly* like something my son would do and say.

I LOVE your Valentine's tree....pretty please, tell me how to construct my own. ;-)

TCKK said...

Love the Valentine Tree. Do you mind if I steal the idea too?