Thursday, January 1, 2009

feeling guilty

i'm feeling so horrible that i haven't posted in over a week. to be honest its just typical christmas la-de-da, so i haven't felt the need to share all the ins and outs of the holiday season with my family. i read blogs about people who celebrate christmas with 4 or 5 different groups of people or who do 1 giant celebration with their whole family of 20, or some ridiculous number like that. i'm an only child and allens brother lives in canada, and although they're here more often than not at some point during the holiday season, they didn't make it down this year. so christmas was my parents and grandparents for a total of 8 people, and then we went to houston to have christmas with allens mom and stepdad for a grand total of 6 people. with such small groups compared to most everyone else, there's not a lot of craziness or anything. they're always very low key, which is nice. i'd rather have peaceful and low key than dysfunctional all for the sake of a blog. :)

the one thing colby asked for this year was given to him by his mimi. allen will love that i'm sharing this (note the sarcasm in that statement). he wanted a "go, go gotta go doll". yes its a doll, and yes it pees and poops. he didnt want cars or tools or rocks. he wanted urinating girl doll. and he got it. thanks mimi.
when she told allen she had gotten it for colby he asked her
allen: "why did you buy my son a doll?!?"
mimi: "because thats what he asked for, so i'm gonna make sure he gets it."
allen: "mom, you can't give him a doll."
mimi: "i can."
allen: "ok, but it has to be for both of them. you have to put both of their names on the tag."
when 'they' opened it, colby freaked out. the peeing doll elicited the best reaction of all the presents he got this year. and he and molly fought over it. the good thing i suppose is he knows he's the daddy. the doll doesn't know that, though. she calls him mommy. of course she calls everyone mommy. she also says, "uh oh, i made a stinky." neat.

last night for new years eve we hung out with the barners and lamberts. this was the 4th year in a row we've spent NYE together. other people have joined from year to year, but always the 6 of us. its a fun tradition. this year, though we all had babysitters so we went to dinner all of us together without the kids--something we couldn't remember ever doing before.
aren't they cute?

then we went to target to kill time (we didnt want to go back to our house till we knew our kids were asleep). just for the record, target is open regular hours on NYE. so we drew names and picked out presents for the person whose name we drew. we only had 15 minutes and there was a $40 limit. it was really fun (thanks lauren for the idea!!). i picked aprils name and selected a purse, a bracelet, and an adorable bird votive holder with some pretty votive candles. i kind of want to go back and get the bird. zach picked my name and picked out a game and 3 movies that allen probably would never watch with me. come to think of it, that had to have been more than $40 dollars. zach, you're a cheater!
we didn't actually buy the gifts, just picked them out a showed them to each other. yes, we are easily entertained. zach ended up buying the game he picked out for me and we came back to our house and played it. super fun. its called The Game of Things. i still don't completely understand the scoring system, but the idea is awesome. 2 thumbs up. well, maybe 1 & 1/2 because of the scoring thing.

new years resolutions? i don't really make them anymore. i'm perfect. there's nothing to resolve.
not really. i'm just really bad at keeping them, so i've stopped trying. does that sound as pathetic as i think it does?
one of my 'goals', however, is to make it through half of the bible this year. i've tried 3 times to read through the bible in a year and get about halfway through lamentations. a friend of mine bought me the chronological bible, so i'm hoping that helps. allen said, "how about trying to get through half of it. you don't have to read it all in a year." thanks, babe.
allens 'goal' is to use all his vacation hours, so hopefully that will work out well for me. ;)
he informed me that he forfeited 100 hours of vacation this year. lets not let that happen again, i say. good plan.



2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Fun stuff! In April of 08, I started the "Read through the Bible in a Year" Bible, and I'm about three weeks behind where I should be. This is a record for me. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this process to people, and sometimes I wonder why I'm still doing it!

Amy Waldron said...

The pick of the guys is hilarious! Just like men to be goofy! The gals always look beautiful! Many blessings to you and your family in 2009! Did I mention that one of my New Years Resolutions is to try and visit Sonic more!!!! Haha!

Be Blessed!


sara said...

I don't have a chronological bible, but I would like to. I have heard it is a great way to read through the bible!

Love, LOVE the target/present thing!!! That sounds like so much fun! I am going to have to steal that idea!

Casey said...

That sounds like an awesome New Years Eve! And I completely know what you mean about low-key Christmases. Mine are always crawling compared to everyone else's races.