Sunday, January 25, 2009

project 365, week 4

starting this week i will post my pictures from sunday to saturday. i had been posting them from monday to sunday, but then i feel like i'm behind in linking up to sara's blog and i just get thrown off and blah blah blah. so here they are from last sunday thru yesterday. enjoy!!

SUNDAY, Jan 18th
this is my new front door hanger. we've had something on the door since about september, so when we took the christmas decorations down i wanted something to replace the santa that had been hanging there. i got this at hobby lobby. love it.

MONDAY, Jan 19th
i consumed these two things in mass amounts on saturday and monday before my audition and the callback. i took this picture right before i went in for the callback audition monday night. if you have no idea what i'm talking about and are curious, you can read here.
TUESDAY, Jan 20th
my sweet husband sent me flowers tuesday after finding out that i hadn't gotten a part in the show. the card read "you're my pink lady." aren't they beautiful? it made me cry. i'm better now, by the way.

around christmas time i decided i wanted to start a mug collection. too bad its not an ugly mug collection. :) anyway, so i'm wanting red mugs. all different. i buy one if i see one, and i'll slowly replace all the mugs i have now, which are all the same and match the dishes i don't even have anymore. one of the girls in my sunday school class gave me the cocoa one for christmas and i bought the hearts one at starbucks wednesday night. aren't they great?
i just love red.

THURSDAY, Jan 22nd
we went to pei wei for dinner thursday night and i ordered some edamame. i've heard people say their kids really like it and i know its super good for you, so i thought, why not? i had 7 or 8 and colby ate the rest of the plate. scarfed 'em down! molly was not a fan. i bet if i made them at home he wouldn't touch them.

FRIDAY, Jan 23rd
i took this picture of the kids first thing friday morning. colby climbed into mollys bed when i went in to wake her up, and they sat in there for about 10 mintues (getting along!) and read books together. so sweet.SATURDAY, Jan 24th
i know many of you have already seen this picture, but i don't know what would better portray our day than this. our newest pet. one of 5. read here for details if you want them...and more pictures.


sara said...

I love Pei Wei!!! That is my favorite and I love edamame too.

The crib pictures is soooo sweet!!!

You already know how I feel about roaches!!!!!!!

Have a great week!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I love red, too! This is the 2nd edamame post I've read this week. I'd like to try some. What I would NOT like to try is holding a giant roach. You da woman.

I'm posting from Sunday to Saturday, too.

Great pics, and your husband is a keeper, huh!

LuAnn said...

I love red too. It is in my kitchen and family room. Love the mugs. Great idea! And the kids in the crib - precious...

Gina said...

Lovin that crib shot! TFS

Liz said...

I am amazed that you will allow hissing cockroaches in your house! Don't they remind you of grasshoppers??!! They may not jump, but they probably "hiss" :)

Love your week in pics!

Have a great week!

Victoria said...

I love edamame too! And there is actually a frozen package you can buy at HEB and steam it in the microwave! DELICIOUS! I acutally ate it for lunch this week with a friend!

Dawn said...

I love red, too, and also have red mugs. Now, I'm gonna be on the lookout for red mugs for both of us!

Are you picky about them? I don't like small mugs. And, the handle has to be big enough for four fingers... not one of those "dainty" mug handles that you can only slip two fingers through. And all this info probably makes me officially weird.


Dawn said...

PS - Remember how I helped solve your icemaker all-crushed-no-cube probelm?


If it completely stops making ice, call me. I've got the solution to this problem, too.

Lisa said...

Beautiful flowers! And very sweet picture of the kids. Sorry about getting turned seemed excited about it last week. But hey, always good to drink lots of water, right. Yeah, right!