Tuesday, January 20, 2009

totally bummed

i promised to keep you posted, but i come bearing sad news.
for those of you that don't know, and most of you probably don't, i do musical theatre. i love love love it and have really been looking forward to doing another show. its been a little over a year since the last one, which was CATS back in the fall of '07. having 2 preschoolers at home and a husband thats a pastor doesnt leave a lot of time to commit to things such as rehearsals for 3 hours 5 nights a week, but i have an amazing husband that supports me and i've been averaging a show a year for the past 4 years. with practices and performances its about a 3 & 1/2 month commitment.
anyway, i auditioned for Grease over the weekend. i got called back for the part of Frenchy, so i went back for round two of auditions last night. then i found out this morning that i didnt get the part. soooo, i'm sad, but i know God's in control, and for whatever reason i don't need to do a show right now. there will be others.
just for old times sake, and to relive my most recent 'glory days', i pulled out some pictures from CATS so you can see why i love it so much! :) i was Bombalurina for those of you that are familiar with the show. i can't find any of my picture cd's from Guys and Dolls or Beauty and the Beast. i also did Music Man, but those too are buried in a pile somewhere i'm sure.


LuAnn said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the part. You are right though-God has a different plan for you.
You pictures are awesome. The person who did the make-up did an amazaing job!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I am just so happily stunned to see you in this light! So cool! My jaw is agape! How fun is this? I know I make fun of musicals all the time, but I still think it would be exciting to have a role in one (did I just say that?). If you were in a musical somewhere in my proximity, I would go just to see you. Sorry about the role, but there will be others, and you MUST keep posting about it and posting pictures. It's definitely a fresh breath in my sphere of blogging.

sara said...

wow! Love seeing you in costume!!! I am sorry you didn't get the part. I would love to see other pics of your roles..my son is in Music man at school this spring!

Sara@I.Sass said...

*GASP* Musical theatre!!!!
Why, if I could only sing, surely I would be on broadway.
Yeh, right...
But that is my secret wish...Maybe in Heaven all of us that dreamed it, get to BE it huh? Then you could be Frenchy! Heck, you could be Molly, or Dolly or Mimi or Elfaba...
The first show I ever saw was Beaty and the Beast and it changed my LIFE. I fell in love with theatre.
So sorry you didn't get the part.
Yes, I agree that IS cool seeing you in costume. MEEEOW

christi28 said...

you said it right... for some reason God has something else in store for you this year... i can;t wait to see what it is!

see you tom. did you ever figure out the green blanks??

Liz said...

I just posted an update...enjoy! :)