Wednesday, January 14, 2009

hooray for blog awards!!

i won a blog award a few days ago and haven't gotten around to paying it forward. then today i received another one, so now i have to to pass on!
luann gave me the 'lemonade award'

this award is given to blogs that show great attitude and/or gratitude in their daily postings.
i pass this award on to Brandy at "From Valleys to Rivers". her blog blesses me (when she updates it. hint, hint.) ;-) love you girl! :)

the second award i received is the 'your blog is fabulous' award

it's given to a blog that i just find to be completely fabulous and can't get enough of. thanks amy!! as part of accepting this award, i have to list 5 things i'm addicted to. in no particular order:

1) hanging out with my husband and kids



4)working out

5)which wich

this blog award goes to Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee. i can't even remember how i found her blog, but she's hilarious and i love reading what she has to say. i guess us youth ministry people have the same warped sense of humor. :)

and now i must go purchase a terribly expensive dress, get an up-do, and find a red carpet to walk on. come to think of it, i think chuck-e-cheese has red carpet. don't wait up!


Sara@I.Sass said...

YEH YOU! Awards are so fun.
You are a brave gal to go to Chuck-E-Cheese. Don't get me started on that place.

Emily said...

Hey Amy! I don't know how else to get a hold of you and you havne't been on Space in a while. But i have a bit of a dilema, or well i don't but a friend does!

She's about to pop and she doesn't have a car seat or a stroller. She doesn't have money, her mom can't help her out right now.. her boyfriend just got fired so he's pretty much helpless.. not to mention dialating more and more each day..

So i've been looking around but wanted to see if you know any place i can look for an inexpensive travel set, or know anyone who has one that is still in good condition just sitting in the garage or something..

Please get back to me in you can, and if you don't mind emailing me- .

Thank you Mrs. Frans :) Tell the family i said hello!


Julie said...

I totally agree with both awards, and your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites to read! I am always waiting to see what hilarious story you will post next... Unfortunately, that usually means you had some crazy thing happen, but by the time you write, you can manage to put some kind of positive or inspirational spin on it... And now when I see Molly once a week, the stories will mean that much more!

Michelle said...

I think you found my blog from Rachelle's - I see you live in Texas too. We recently moved to Central Texas (near Austin). Where do you live?

BrandyJ-jeremiah29:11 said...

Aaawwwwww. Thanks Amy! You are too sweet and I am honored to get my very first blogger award from you!!! Your blog is so much fun - thanks for thinking of me. Oh, ahem, and I promise I will update soon. (: